How to call south africa from uk

00 - Exit code when making an international call from South Africa 44 - UK country code for inbound calls 20 - London city code 00 + 44 + 20 + Local Number - International dialing code format. World time zone information: The time in South Africa is now 01:42:01 AM (01:42:01 AM) ... To call a mobile phone in South Africa from United Kingdom use the following dialing code format: 00 + 27 + Mobile Code* + The Number *South Africa has multiple mobile carriers: 710 (MTN), 711-716 (Vodacom), 717-719 (MTN), 72 (Vodacom), 73 (MTN), 74 (Cell C), 741 (Virgin Mobile), 76 (Vodacom), 78 (MTN), 79 (Vodacom), 811-814 (8ta), 82 (Vodacom), 83 (MTN), 84 (Cell C) How to call South Africa from United Kingdom: dial 00 + 27 + Do not dial the plus signs displayed here! The time in South Africa is now 02:29:20am Phone Books: South Africa White Pages ; Yellow Pages ; SA Yellow - Business Directory ; Home ... The time in UK is now 12:48:21am Calling the United Kingdom from the United States explained: 011 - US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada To call South Africa, first type in the exit code for the country you’re calling from. For example, in the US, the exit code is 011. Then, dial 27 to direct to South Africa. After that, add the 2-digit code for the city you’re calling. For instance, Cape Town’s city code is 21. Finally, type the 7-digit South African phone number. How to call the UK from South Africa. To call a United Kingdom landline or mobile phone from South Africa, dial 00 44, then the UK number without its leading zero.. For example, the UK number 01632 234567 should be dialled as 00 44 1632 234567 from South Africa.. These codes and instructions apply when dialling any part of the UK including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well ... Learn how to call Cape Town South Africa from United Kingdom. Plus, our complete resource guide gives you the South African country code, Cape Town area codes, area codes, and South Africa dialing codes to help you make your international call. Follow the dialing format shown above while calling South Africa From United Kingdom.. 00 - Exit code for United Kingdom, and is needed for making any international call from United Kingdom; 27 - ISD Code or Country Code of South Africa; Area code - There are 36 area codes in South Africa. If there is an area code dial area code of the city in South Africa you are calling after dialing ISD Code. Select South Africa from the list of countries and enter the phone number you want to call. Once you select the country, the country code for South Africa will automatically show up and all that is left for you to do is to enter the remaining phone number based in South Africa. The time in South Africa is now 09:20:18pm Calling South Africa from the United States explained: 011 - US Exit Code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada

💎THE RESULTS: r/RomanceClub Community Survey!💎

2020.07.10 20:24 LauraVi 💎THE RESULTS: r/RomanceClub Community Survey!💎

💎THE RESULTS: RomanceClub Community Survey!💎
First of all, thank you very much to everyone who took part in the second ever Reddit Romance Club community survey! We mods were absolutely amazed by the high number of responses, so thank you for making this such a vibrant and engaged community! You all rock.
After grinding the (many) numbers, here are the results, which we hope you will find as interesting as we did.
Just a note: this survey was opened at the end of May and closed shortly after the June release, hence its questions only barely included Legend of the Willow and did not include Dracula: a Love Story. For this reason, we have not counted the (very few) replies that have been given in the "other" boxes mentioning characters that were not yet available as Lis/known as LIs in the May release (think Leo, Vlad, Kazu etc) as this would have not been fair to those who had answered the survey before the June update.
Having said that... buckle up for the ride! Lots of interesting info ahead.

💎Question 1: Which RC story is your favourite?
No one will be surprised to find out that Heaven's Secret is the top story in this community right now, chosen by over 45% of the respondents. Our nostalgic heart is very happy, however, to see some old favs still make the podium - albeit trailing significantly behind. Moonborn and Shadows of Saintfour score second and third place, only separated by a handful of votes at around 11%, but newer release Chasing You is already breathing on their neck at 10.7%.
A healthy mix of new and old stories follows: Sails in the fog is in fifth place with 7.8% of the preferences, while Legend of the willow, after only a few episodes, already scores a very good sixth place, in a tie with Seduced by the rhythm at 4.3% of the votes. Queen in 30 days is seventh with 3.5% and My Hollywood Story is eighth with 1.2%.
Last place goes to Wave Patrol at 0.4%, which sadly doesn't come as a shock given the general feeling that the romantic/reputation points system was too complicated.

💎Question 2: Who are your favourite LIs?
HS being the most popular story unsurprisingly propels some of its main LIs onto the podium with supersonic speed.
Bad boys rule, with Lucifer taking the crown with a whopping 65.7% of the votes and Alexander (CY) taking silver at 49.3%. The nice guys are not too far behind, though, with Dino in third place at 47.4% and Max (MB) only just about missing the podium in fourth place at 45.3%. We go back to bad boys with Brandon (SBR) in fifth, but soft spoken Sam (CY) is ready to balance things out again with his sixth place.
The most surprising result on top of the rankings is Jake (WP) who makes the top ten with a very healthy seventh place. He is really hard work, but obviously we all think he's totally worth it!
Old favourites Michael (SOS) and Victor (MB) still hold onto the hearts of their fans by scoring eight and ninth place respectively. First among the women - and the only female LI to make the top 10 - is the delightfully devilish Mimi (HS).
Waves' mate Sebastian misses the top ten only by a hair, placing himself in 11th place with a healthy 20.7%. Bodyguard Adam is the most favourite LI in Q30 in 12th place, followed by a row of SOS boys, with John, Derek and Aaron scoring very similar percentages in 13th, 14th and 15th place respectively. Sweetheart Ray is no longer the most favourite LI to come out of MHS, as in this round he ends up in a tie for 16th place with none other than his almost polar opposite, rough and ready Captain Jeff.
Leonard from Q30 (17th place) ties with Cherry from SOS but at least he beats his brother Richard (20th place) in the heart of the readers - and we all know that he'd be pretty pleased with that. Claire (SBR) is the second most favourite female LI in 18th place, while mysterious Luke (SOS) completes the top 20 in 19th place.
Here are the rest of the Lis who placed lower than the top 20:
(21) Carlos (SBR) 9.2%
(22) Justin (SBR) 8.6%
(23) Benny Bart (MB) 8.4%
(24) Tarino (MHS) 8.1%
(25) Gino (MHS) tied with Stephanie (SBR) at 7.8%
(26) Dante (MB) 6.9%
(27) Andy (HS) 6.3%
(28) Mike (MHS) 6.1 %
(29) Alek (WP) tied with Dante (CY) at 5.9%
(30) Kayla (WP) 5.3 %
(31) Alex (MHS) 3.9%
(32) Chris (SIF) 3.4%
(33) Frances (MB) 3.2%
(34) William (SIF) 3.1%
(35) Trisha (MB) 2.6%
(36) Charles (SBR) 2.1%
(37) Orlando (SBR) 1.8%
(38) Chris the bodyguard (MHS) tied with Adi (HS) at 1.6%
(39) Ellen (MHS) tied with Manta (SIF) at 1.2%
(40) Masked Man (SOS) 1.1%
(41) Ellia (CY) 0.8%
(42) Mermaid (SIF) 0.6%
(43) Simon (MB) 0.4%
(44) Charles (WP) tied with Emma (Q30) and Jackie (SIF) at 0.2%.
These lower rankings include some LIs that, based on the discussions we see on the subreddit, we were not expecting to get as many votes as they did - and vice versa. Dante from CY has more votes than Orlando from SBR? And Chris the bodyguard (MHS) beat the Masked Man (SOS)? Say what... Also: Jackie (SIF) definitely deserved a lot more votes! We might have to start a hashtag or something.

💎Question 3: Which non-LI character you’d romance in a heartbeat?
Here are the top 15 most desired LIs in this community:
To absolutely no one's surprise, Geralt (HS) takes the top spot with 39.1% of the readers eager to unbuckle his sexy neck belts at the first occasion. Dreamy Xander from MB takes a very respectable second place with 23.2%: we will forever long for his full lips and crisp linen suit. Another MB favourite, Prince Ethan Wood completes the podium with his Matrix-style coat and intense eyes, but sassy and sexy demon Austie (HS) is not very far behind in fourth place.
Vampires Dustin Chase in fifth place and - although at quite a distance - Sophia in sixth join the ranks of the many LIs who sadly never were in MB. Cute lifeguard Zoey from WP ranks seventh, and no worries if you don't remember who she is: her screen time was about 5 minutes total - but enough to end up in a tie with angelic mentor Misselina from HS. Frenemy Candy from SOS makes eighth place, while evil stunner Monica from MB clutches ninth. To complete the top 10 is no one else but grumpy Angel Fencio (HS) - we obviously all want him to show us his collection of talismans - tied with Bean from MHS, who sadly had the audacity to get married to someone else.
In 11th place is SOS great friend Bobby, whose bravery in the face of untold horrors gave him a special place in all our hearts, in a tie with another WP lifeguard, Ryan (yeah, we have little recollection of him as well). Party-loving and OSHA nemesis Anthony Wood (MHS) is in 12th place, while scheming yet gorgeous Julia (Q30) takes 13th.
In 14th place is no one else but our dear Sailor Bobby - an option that was added as humorous but instead raked up a very respectable 4.7% of votes. As they say, if you are not handsome you should be handy, and no one is a better dress maker than Bobby! Plus, how can we forget when he disguised himself as a tribesman to save Adelaide from becoming soup? He ends up in a tie with a fan favourite, sweet angel Sammy (HS). Completing the top-15 is another HS angel, the ethereal Leeloo.
This question also had an "other" box, where people could add names that were not included in the list. For all those (quite a few!) people who wrote Dino (HS), Sam (CY) and Orlando (SBR)... we choose to believe you misread the question, but if you didn't... oh boy, have we got good news for you!
A few people also wished for Rachel (CY) and Hiro (SBR) to be LIs, so that's another happy ending there as per the latest release.
Some also wished for Diego, Baron Samedi and Jackie from SIF, and Joseph, Christian and Gustavo from SBR to be LIs, and we are happy to say that, although their routes might be a bit hidden and not all of them can be endgame LIs, you can most definitely already hookup with/romance all of them. Check the wiki for details!
A few people asked for the coffee shop owner in CY... we have the feeling that we know who at least one of them is, and truth be told, that beard is dreamy so we can see their point! More bearded LIs please!
Those who asked for Fyr... far from us to kink shame here, but let's just hope he turns out to be human at some point! We also have some Seraph Crowley (HS) and Angel Mora (MB) fans amongst us, as clear proof that no one is ever too old for love, plus WP Agent Phillips' manbun has also scored him some eager fans.
But that one person who asked for Sean from MB... we hope for your sake you are also about 12 years old because otherwise you need an old priest, a young priest and also a police officer.

💎Question 4: Which LI do you think is overrated, and why?
Here are the top 10 most overrated LIs in the game according to our community.
You know how they say never rest on your laurels? In a surprising (or maybe not?) twist of fate, some of the most liked LIs also topped the most overrated rankings, which goes to show that the beauty of our community is that we all have different (and sometimes opposite) opinions! So please let's not fight in the comments, haha.
The most overrated LI crown goes to Lucifer with the 21.9% of the votes, (which is almost as him winning an Oscar and a Razzie in the same evening) mostly due to his behaviour, which many identify as "toxic", "abusive" and "triggering". Many readers are "not comfortable with his choking/manhandling of MC", and his "lack of respect for personal space". "Being treated poorly in the hope to finally reach a hidden soft side does not seem worth it". Some think "he needs therapy", and wonder "why he's still behaving like a teen while he's possibly thousands of years old". A reason why many dislike him however, is also "the daily flood of fanart that features him": we might all be a little Lucifered-out here on the subreddit!
Tied in second place (pun fully intended!) are Alexander (CY) and Victor (CY) at 11.5%: the reasons given for both of them are surprisingly similar. Both boys are into BDSM but neither seem to "truly know the rules of consent" and people think that they "overstep boundaries a little too often". Both have been described as "creepy", "controlling" and "plain weird". Victor is also guilty of being "boring" ("I asked for a tea not for your life story in India!" - someone wrote). Both have been invited to "drop the Christian Grey act" and some people think "they would be arrested in real life if they acted this way". Oh boy.
Justin (SBR) completes this unflattering podium at 9.1% because of his "obnoxious outbursts" and the way he treats MC. He is "rude" and "mean" and people seem to be willing to "pay diamonds to put him in his place". Hopefully that won't be necessary!
Jake from WP is fifth at 7.8%, the main reason being that he is "too difficult to romance", "too expensive and still rude", and that "we have to solve the Da Vinci code to get him" - as someone hilariously wrote.
Bad boy Brandon (SBR) scores 6.1% of the votes landing fifth place, with the word "jerk" being the most recurrently used to describe him. He is "arrogant", a "vanishing act", and "he is never nice to MC for long". Come on, Brandon! You can do better!
Unclaimed Andy (HS) takes sixth place with 4.5% for being "jealous" and "annoying" - although we would maybe argue that he's not really that overrated, as far as we can see from the sub...
In seventh place is Max (MB) at 4.1% but we are confused by the person who mentioned "his abs being too perfect" as a reason for disliking him. Of course, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, so... fair enough? Other words used are "too boring", otherwise many people voted for him but did not really give a reason why. Max needs to work on his PR clearly!
Another tie in eight place sees Adam (Q30) and Dino (HS) score 3.7% of the votes. The Royal bodyguard is described as "a barbarian" and his behaviour as "possessive" and "controlling", while the main complaints against Dino seem for the vast majority to be directed to his looks: comments range from "his eyes look disproportionally big compared to his head" to "his hair seems separated from his face" to some people calling him a "Fabio lookalike". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed!
Gruff Captain Jeff (MHS) makes ninth with 3.3%, mostly because of "the dodgy power dynamic between him and MC" and his "bullying": "I like puppies is not a free get out of jail card!" someone wrote. The fact that SOS Luke "drugged MC" bags him unanimously the tenth spot with 2.8% of the votes.
Not in the top ten but voted often enough to deserve a special mention are John (SOS) because of his "murderous tendencies", Derek (SOS) because "people only likes him for his glow-up", and Leonard (Q30) as "he took Emma's spot as the third main LI in the story" and "that was a cop out!" Plus "he seems so good only because the other two are the worst", someone quipped.

💎Question 5: Which LI do you think is underrated, and why?
Let's all cheer ourselves up with the opposite end of the spectrum! Here are the top 10 Lis that the community think deserve more love! The answers in this question were a lot more fragmented, with a lot of random characters getting very few votes, so the ranking percentages are significantly lower than in other questions.
A few people chose to write "every female LI" as this question's answer, and this is reflected in the rankings below, where way more female characters are mentioned compared to other questions. So RC, we need more screen time for badass, gorgeous, interesting female LIs!
HS still carries its weight as the most popular story, with three of its main LIs topping the rankings, all lamenting the fact that they are "unfairly overshadowed by bad boy Lucifer". Andy tops the list with 8.5% of the votes: players think he is "a really good guy", "sweet", "cute", "caring", "thoughtful". They admit "he has flaws" but he "will help if you need him" and "will stand up for those he cares about". It's nice to see him getting some love!
Devil cutie Mimi ends up as a close second with only a few votes of difference, at 8.1%. She is "cute", "badass", and "so cool". Many people wrote they don't usually romance female Lis but they chose her nonetheless because she is "a great LI in every way". Someone wishes RC would "flesh her out a little more" and "give her more screen time". Third spot is for Dino: a "sweetheart" and "the cutest man in the game".
Jake from WP nabs fourth place with the 4.9% of votes. Players thinks the focus is too much on how hard he is to pursue, while "he is totally worth it", because after the initial coldness he becomes "sweet", "kind" and "caring". His "love for his family is another big plus", and he is always "supportive", "mature", "loyal" and "intense". Someone also wrote that "his sex scenes are amazing".
Gorgeous dancer Carlos from SBR is in fifth place: he is described as "cute", "great personality", "respectful" and "the sweetest". One to watch for sure! Prince Leonard (Q30) ties with Claire (SBR) in sixth place. Leonard is "complicated", "interesting" and "clever", while Claire is "sweet", "mature" and "loyal". Seventh position is for Michael (SOS) - "cute", "affectionate", "funny" - and Kayla (WP) is "really nice" and "one of the first female LIs that didn't seem like a complete afterthought".
Eight place goes to Sam (CY) - "wholesome", "the right amount of naughty and nice", "a sweet and likeable guy" - in a tie with Chris (SIF) - "funny", "strong", "loyal", "always has your back". Ninth place is another tie between Sebastian (SIF) - "sweet" and "supportive" - and Alex (MHS) - "amazing personality", "really helpful".
Last but not least the tenth place is a foursome: William (SIF) gets some love for being "good", "solid", "loyal" and "fun", in a tie with Charles (SBR) - described as "perfect", "romantic" and "caring", as well as "hot", "sexy" and "gentle" - Jackie (SIF) - "an under-appreciated king", "handsome" and "fun", and Frances (MB) - a "real badass" and "one of the best LIs in MB".
So, time to replay your favourite book and try out one of these Lis instead than your usual one!

💎Question 6: If you could eat or drink one thing from the RC universe, what would you choose?
Max (MB) might no longer hold the crown of most loved LI in the game, but his cooking skills still hold strong. A whopping 37.2% of the people in this community would eat anything he prepares. Getting drunk on Glyft at the HS Academy takes second spot with 23.1% of the preferences, while a sugar rush after a light BDSM session in CY is all what the 13.2% of us want, completing this delicious podium.
In fourth place is pizza with a bunch of MHS friends, fifth is potential death - as long as ice cream and Jake from WP are involved - and sixth is Anthony Wood's juice at one of his epic MHS parties.
Dinner at the SOS circus is seventh, chosen by a fearless 3% of the community, while canapés at a jewellery fashion show in Q30 score the eighth and last place.

💎Question 7: If you could spend a weekend in any RC story, would you:
An entire weekend in the RC universe! What mischief is our community planning to get up to?
It looks like HS is once again top of the list, with over 38% of players willing to test their wings and get some strange and possibly corrosive blue liquid down their unclaimed throats. But LOW's gorgeous backgrounds and atmospheric setting have convinced the 16% of us to go explore a Japanese village, and possibly meet some mysterious cutie. Adelaide and her SIF crew navigate steadily in third place: 10.7% of us would follow them over the edge of the world and beyond.
In fourth place is a spot of murder mystery fun in CY, as 10.3% of us would happily explore a British family mansion - bloodshed possible but not guaranteed. A diplomatic trip with the Q30 Sagar Royal Court appeals to the 6.1% of us, especially if a romantic sunset is on the bill. The quaint and frankly unsettling SOS woods do not scare the 5.7% of us, but as long as no one picks up a nice bouquet of flowers, we should all be ok. In seventh place is our favourite vampire popstar Benny Bart (MB) performing at the Taste of the Night, while eighth is a dance marathon in SBR, inclusive of a trip to romantic Paris. Tarino's somewhat unusual directorial skills in MHS score ninth place, while hot surfers in WP's Miami end up last.

💎Question 8: If you could get more episodes of a series that has now ended, which one would you choose?
It's time to go down memory lane! We loved all the stories that RC has now completed, but which one we miss the most?
Side note: SIF and WP were still ongoing when this survey was first opened hence they are not featured in this list.
Horror story SOS takes a clear lead, with over 47% of our community wishing we could get more adventures with MC and her friends. MB is second, with a healthy 34% of readers wishing to spend more time in the company of vampires and werewolves. Q30 is third, with 13.3% of readers missing its Royal Palace and all the intrigue coming with it, and last but not least is comedy MHS, which is missed by 5.4% of this community.
And now, some questions about this community's gaming habits:

💎Question 9: How do you usually approach LI relationships?
This question had a fairly split response between those who date a few LIs but ultimately choose only one (48.9%) and those who are fiercely monogamous from the start (42.4%). A healthy 8.7% of the readers prefer instead to play the field and date as many LIs as the gameplay will allow. And with so many great characters to choose from, that's hardly a surprise!

💎Question 10: Would you play a book that has a male MC?
We all know that at the moment all RC stories are gender-locked with a female MC. But what does the community think? Would we play a book with a male MC? The majority is in favour, with 61.9% of the responders answering with a resounding YES.

💎Question 11: Do you use the RC wiki on Fandom?
Our amazing fan-written Romance Club wiki recently celebrated 100 pages!
It sounds like a whopping 78.8% of this community uses the wiki, while about 14.1% did not know it existed (so we hope you are using it now!) and 7.1% are true daredevils who play without any wiki help.

💎Question 12: What genre of story do you enjoy the most?
With new stories always coming up, we were curious to know which genres this community enjoys the most.
Despite the game being called Romance Club, the top of the genre ranking goes to Fantasy, with a striking 74.1% of preferences. But no worries: Romance is a steady second with a great 70.8% of the votes. Third place goes to Mystery with 65.7%.
Adventure comes fourth with 55.2%, followed by Horror (42.5%), Historical (35.1%), Science Fiction (29.1%) and finally Comedy (26.4%).
A very small number of people (too little to make percentage) also asked for drama, thriller, detective/crime, heist/spy, high school/teens, superheroes, zombies and time travel. All great ideas!
The community has spoken though: RC, give us elves and gnomes and medieval tales of debauchery and magic!

💎Question 13: How long have you been playing Romance Club for?
We were curious to know for how long we all have been playing this game we love. The survey showed a good mix of old and new readers, with a clear tendency towards long-term reading, which makes us so very happy to know we are all just equally addicted.
36% stated that they have been playing for over a year, 23.6% for more than six months, 17.8% for more than three months, 16.1% for more than one month and 6.4% for less than a month. Welcome one and all, we hope you are all going to be here for the long haul!

💎Question 14: How did you find out about the game Romance Club?
The main way in which our community has found out about RC is through the app store/google play store (70.9%). Another subreddit is a source for 13.5% of us (we probably have to say thank you to our friends at Lovestruck and Choices!) while a friend recommended the game to 8.7% of us.
Instagram (3%) and Facebook (1.5%) are also popular sources, but 2.4% of us arrived to the game through adverts, which is to us the most interesting data since in the mod team we haven't personally seen any adverts for this game - ever - so if anyone has screenshots, please post them in the comments, we are super curious!
Some users (too few to make percentage) also mentioned videos and memes on TikTok or Youtube, Google Search, Tumblr, Twitter, Vkontakte or even their own sister(s) as a source.

💎Question 15: Which operating system do you play the game on?
The majority of this community plays on Android (57.7%) while 42.3% play on iOS.

💎Question 16: Which other story games do you play?
Here are the top-10 story app games we play in this community, aside from RC.
Unsurprisingly, market leader Choices comes first with 53.3% of the votes. Another giant in the field, Episodes, comes second - although with quite a substantially smaller percentage of votes, clocking at 28.1%. The top-three is completed by UK TV show-inspired Love Island with the 24.6%.
Chapters is the fourth most played game at 24.2%, followed by Lovestruck and Love Sick - tied at 16.1%. Moments is sixth at 13.1%, new entry on the market Stories: Love and choices follows in seventh with 5.3%, Journeys is eighth with 4.7% and The Arcana is ninth with 2.6%. The top-ten is completed by Tabou Stories: Love Episodes in a tie with Originals - both at 1.2%.
Some also reminisced about Storyscapes (gone too soon but not forgotten!) and many other game apps were mentioned but by too few people to make up for an accountable percentage. We surely discovered some games we had never heard of before, though, including: Fictif, Heart's Choice, Everlasting Summer, Fancy Love, Romance: Stories and choices, Secrets: Game of choices, Fictions: Choose your emotions, Mystic Messenger, City of Love and many, many more... so thanks everyone for all these new suggestions!
And to that one person who selected half a dozen games and then commented with "it is a problem!" ... trust us, you are in very, very good company here!!
And lastly, some demographics:

💎Question 17: Where in the world are you from?
We are a very international bunch, that's for sure! Here are the numbers:
45.5% of this community lives in Europe, 24.3% in North America, 16.9% is in Asia, 5.7% is in Central/South America, 5.3% is in Africa and 2.3% is in Australia/New Zealand. Welcome one and all! We are so happy you are here.

💎Question 18: How old are you?
How old are we? The survey has spoken: 44.7% is between the ages of 18 and 24; 28.1% is between 25 and 35; 21.1% is 17 or younger; 6.1 % is 36 or older.
We must admit that we did not expect so many people to be on the younger end of the spectrum! But we hope everyone - of all ages - will always find this subreddit to be a safe, welcoming and friendly place where to discuss this game we all love. We mods work hard every day to keep this the most relaxed and fun RC space on the net and we feel so lucky that you are all as awesome as you are!

💎Question 19: What is your gender identity?
The overwhelming majority of this community (93.5%) identifies as female, while 4.6% identifies as male, 1.3% is non-binary, 0,4% identifies as genderqueer and 0.2% marked themselves as confused.
The fact that MC is gender-locked female and that LGBTQ routes are limited in the game is certainly one of the reasons why our community is not more diverse. Hopefully RC will expand their stories to include more diverse gender choices in terms of MCs and LIs, so to allow more people to enjoy their great storytelling skills.

💎Question 20: What is your sexual orientation?
Here's the sexual orientation of our community:
70.1% identifies as Straight/Heterosexual
22.5% identifies as Bisexual
1.9% identifies as Lesbian/WLW
1.7% identifies as Pansexual
1.5% identifies as Gay/MLM
0.4% identifies as Aromantic
0.3% identifies as Aromantic/Bisexual
0.3% identifies as Asexual
0.3% identifies as Demisexual
0.2% identifies as Asexual/Biromantic
0.2% identifies as Asexual/Heterosexual
Once again, we hope that future plots featuring more diverse MC/LIs will attract more diverse players to our community.
That's all folks! We hope you found these results interesting and we look forward to a new survey once we hit 5000 users! Until then... happy gaming and thanks for making this awesome community as great as it is! :)
💎 RomanceClub mods 💎
💎u/LauraVi 💎u/swankytutu 💎u/directormmn
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2020.07.10 09:13 spiderwalnut Roosevelt loses in '36

Tried to comment on another users post but i think it was too long. You've been warned, lol.
Say Roosevelt loses to Landon in 1936. No Roosevelt likely means no lend-lease and increased US neutrality. Britain, seeing no help from the Americans from across the Atlantic, sign an armistice with Germany so they can keep their empire largely intact. A symbolic loss of Tanganyika and Togoland to reverse the loss of Versailles and UK pride is largely intact. Once again, the French have dragged them into a war they can't win on their own, think the British public, who accept the loss as a settling of accounts more than anything, as they are able to maintain their hold on India and most of Africa still, without nearly bankrupting the country over a protracted war.
With access to the Suez Canal once again, Italy does not invade Egypt and Mussolini has to content himself with a full Triumph at the Parthenon instead of the Pyramids as without British assistance, Yugoslavia and Greece fall significantly faster. . Germany does not expend veteran paratroops during the invasion of Crete so they remain for Barbarossa.
No longer needing to guard their Northern flank against the UK, Germany withdraws occupation forces from Denmark and Norway after installing favourable governments and securing basing rights and favourable trade deals. These troops are also available for Barbarossa.
Moscow falls in Nov of 1941, but the Red Army halts the German advance 50km east of the capital and the lines remain static for the winter.
Then one of two things happens.
Thing the first: Japan declares war on the Soviet Union. Caught between two giants, the Soviet Union collapses by 1944. Any communist party member is convicted as a war criminal and treated severely, or often summarily shot. The Politburo is tried in Nuremberg style war crimes trials called the Novosibirsk Trials. Among those sentenced to death are Malenkov, Molotov, and Khrushchev who was found in contempt of court for banging his shoe on the witness stand. Stalin is rumored to have died in his bunker outside Omsk of a self-inflicted bullet wound to the head.
The Reich extends its Eastern borders to the Urals and the Caucasus. Finland receives back the land it lost and annexes all of Karelia, bringing it's border that much closer to the city formerly known as Leningrad. Japan annexes North Sakhalin outright, considering Karafuto to be another Home Island. Japan also outright annexes Outer Manchuria from the Soviet Union and the Sea of Okhotsk essentially becomes a Japanese lake as Japan claims the land surrounding it for their empire as well. A Russian rump state led by Konstantin Rodzaevsky rules from the Urals to the Pacific, although with a much farther north southern border and no viable ports having lost Vladivostok to Japan.
Germany, tired of occupying France, imposes Draconion conditions on the 4th Republic in the Second Treaty of Versailles, signed June 28, 1949, 30 years after the first, shrinking France's African Empire to essentially just Algeria. Much of its sub-Saharan possessions become annexed to Deutsche Mittelafrika. Tunisia and French Somaliland are annexed to the Italian Empire and Corsica, Nizza, and the former Savoy possessions Northwest of the Aosta Valley are annexed to Italy outright.
Japan annexes French Indochina and most of the Dutch East Indies.
The USA occupies Martinique with no resistance whatsoever from the Free French garrison stationed there, claiming it, Guadeloupe, and any Dutch Caribbean possessions. Canada does the same to St Pierre and Miquelon, incorporating it into their newest province of Newfoundland. The UK and Brazil jointly occupy French Guiana, and Suriname. Australia occupies New Caledonia and ANZUS jointly occupies the remainder of France's South Pacific Islands. The sole casualty of these non-violent invasions is a Canadian Marine who wounds his leg on a bayonet as he slips disembarking from a landing craft. 13 stitches and an injection of penicillin.
All these actions happen between June 19th and 22nd, mere days before the signing of the treaty leadin to diplomatic protest, not from Paris or Amsterdam, but from Berlin and Tokyo. Inwardly, the German Abwehr is shocked as they did not find out about the operations until the first Australian paratroopers landed on the 19th.
Belgium and the Netherlands regain some degree of independence though their empires are gone. Luxembourg becomes part of the Reich.
France is reduced to Metropolitan France and Algeria as Lebanon and Syria declare independence, with Italian puppet regimes installed. Algeria is integrated into France, as a kind of French Union.
Japan, having annexed most of China, pressures the UK into ceding Hong Kong for 300 million pounds. The USA and Japan glare at each other from across the Pacific, but aside from occasionally lobbing a shell or three at each other's ships, do not declare war. A rearmament program starts in the US, after noticing how well the Swiss weathered the storm around them thanks to their policy of armed neutrality.
In 1946, Prof. Einstein quietly advises President Dewey about a potential German nuclear program. Little is done, however, until the world is shocked on August 29, 1949 when Germany detonates what their press dubs "der Kaiser aller bomben." American efforts snap into effect. Dubbed the Brooklyn Project, the USA hastens their efforts and becomes the world's second nuclear power on July 4th 1952. Hitler publicly expresses outrage, but privately, German leadership is shocked it took the Americans so long; an Oberkommando der Werhmacht (OKW) projection in 1940 had the Americans developing the atomic bomb by the end of 1946. A cold war of sorts develops between the US and the Third Reich, but as with America's stare down with Japan, little happens.
Japan lags behind and, as with the British, do not develop the bomb until the 1960s. Towards the end of the decade, Von Braun sees his dream come true as Germany puts the first man on the moon on July 20, 1969.
In early 1971, a newly independent and united India emerges as the world's most populous nation--and the British Commonwealth's newest Dominion with Indira Gandhi as its first Prime Minister. it later becomes a hot spot for terrorism after she is shot by a Sikh body guard in 1984.
On June 1, 1990, Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger sets foot on Mars, another space first for the Reich. Upon blasting off of Mars to return to Earth, he was quoted as saying "I'll be back."
Thing the Second: Japan bombs Pearl Harbour. Without American interference with their war in Western Europe, Hitler has no reason to declare war on the USA. Even if he does, without bases to launch air attacks or amphibious against each other, it remains a half hearted naval war at best, mostly skirmishes by patrolling American destroyers and German U-boats. The war is viewed by the American public and the Pentagon as more of a legal formality, caused by the Tripartite pact rather than any serious animosity.
Either way, the USA occupies French Martinique as a precautionary measure, but the Army and the Marines do little else and focuses the bulk of their efforts on Japan. Most of the Philippines does fall, aside from a redoubt in Bataan which is resupplied for months by submarine until the US Navy forces a breakthrough late in 1942. The USA eventually defeats Japan, but after fierce resistance invading first Kyushu and then Honshu, Japan realizes the inevitable and Hirohito announces their surrender on August 15th 1945.
Korea gains its independence under President Syngman Rhee and quickly fortifies along the Yalu River.
In Europe, Stalin and Hitler sign a Bitter Peace at Brest-Litovsk, in 1947 ceding the Baltic States, Belarus, and much of Ukraine to the reich. Stalin is ousted by Khrushchev in a coup backed by Zhukov and is tried and executed for crimes against the revolution. The USSR begins a massive armament program aimed at retaking the lands it lost.
In China, Chiang Kai-Shek quickly gains the upper hand on the Red Army led by Mao et al. The people's liberation gives a mighty effort, but with no more Soviet support, surrenders on Oct 1, 1949. They formally regain control of the island of Taiwan in the treaty of San Francisco in 1952
Meanwhile in Europe, Germany, tired of occupying France, imposes Draconion conditions on the 4th Republic in the Second Treaty of Versailles, signed June 28, 1949, 30 years after the first, shrinking France's African Empire to essentially just Algeria. Much of its sub-Saharan possessions become annexed to Deutsche Mittelafrika. Tunisia and French Somaliland are annexed to the Italian Empire and Corsica, Nizza, and the former Savoy possessions Northwest of the Aosta Valley are annexed to Italy outright.
The USA occupies Martinique with no resistance whatsoever from the Free French garrison stationed there, claiming it, Guadeloupe, and any Dutch Caribbean possessions. Canada does the same to St Pierre and Miquelon, incorporating it into their newest province of Newfoundland. The UK and Brazil jointly occupy French Guiana, and Suriname. Australia occupies New Caledonia and ANZUS jointly occupies the remainder of France's South Pacific Islands. Chinese forces occupy French Indochina and American Marines occupy the Dutch East Indies. Australian forces move across the jungle border into West Papua.
The sole casualty of these non-violent invasions is a Canadian Marine who wounds his leg on a bayonet as he slips disembarking from a landing craft. 13 stitches and an injection of penicillin.
All these actions happen between June 19th and 22nd, mere days before the signing of the treaty leadin to diplomatic protest, not from Paris or Amsterdam, but from Berlin. Inwardly, the German Abwehr is shocked as they did not find out about the operations until the first Australian paratroopers landed on the 19th.
Belgium and the Netherlands regain some degree of independence though their empires are gone. Luxembourg becomes part of the Reich.
France is reduced to Metropolitan France and Algeria as Lebanon and Syria declare independence, with Italian puppet regimes installed. Algeria is integrated into France, as a kind of French Union. The USA and Germany glare at each other from across the Atlantic, but aside from occasionally lobbing a shell or three at each other's ships, do not declare war. A rearmament program starts in the US, after noticing how well the Swiss weathered the storm around them thanks to their policy of armed neutrality.
In 1946, Prof. Einstein quietly advises President Dewey about a potential German nuclear program. Little is done, however, until the world is shocked on August 29, 1949 when Germany detonates what their press dubs "der Kaiser aller bomben." American efforts snap into effect. Dubbed the Bronx Project, the USA hastens their efforts and becomes the world's second nuclear power on July 4th 1952 and the Soviet Union three months later. Hitler publicly expresses outrage, but privately, German leadership is shocked it took the Americans so long; an Oberkommando der Werhmacht (OKW) projection in 1940 had the Americans developing the atomic bomb by the end of 1946. A cold war of sorts develops between the US and the USSR as well, but as with America's stare down with Germany, little happens.
China lags behind and, as with the British, do not develop the bomb until the 1960s. Towards the end of the decade, Von Braun sees his dream come true as Germany puts the first man on the moon on July 20, 1969.
In early 1971, a newly independent and united India emerges as the world's most populous nation--and the British Commonwealth's newest Dominion with Indira Gandhi as its first Prime Minister. it later becomes a hot spot for terrorism after she is shot by a Sikh body guard in 1984.
On June 1, 1990, Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger sets foot on Mars, another space first for the Reich. Upon blasting off of Mars to return to Earth, he was quoted as saying "I'll be back."
TLDR: We have a tri-polar world after the war rather than a bi-polar. Also, go back to Mars, laowwwwwww (Arnold Noise)
Edit: added a tldr
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2020.07.08 14:58 dcrakeshreddy 07/08/2020 News Alerts about Cars Industry

07/08/2020 News Alerts about Cars Industry
1,200-HP Lamborghini Huracan Is Pure Madness:
Lamborghini is on a hot streak: we've recently revealed what the hyper SCV12 will look like without all the camouflage, and there's even a video of what it sounds like. The Sian Roadster could also be making an appearance this week.

Lotus Plans To Obliterate The Bugatti Chiron's 12.4-Second 0-186 MPH Time:

The Lotus Evija, the 2,000-horsepower electric flagship that will pioneer the next-generation of sports cars from the automaker, is not targeting low-speed acceleration. Lotus wants its car to beat the supercars where they thrive—closing in on 200 mph as fast as possible.

Pick of the Day: 1978 Porsche 930 Turbo in a rare color combination

Of the first generation of exotic cars, the most reliable and most usable, and the one I had a poster of on my wall while in high school, was the Porsche 930 Turbo. It was the car I most wanted and was to me the ultimate. It was a model derived from Porsche’s racing cars and had the coolest rear spoiler ever.

BMW global vehicle deliveries down by 23 pct in H1

BERLIN, July 7 (Xinhua) -- German car manufacturer BMW announced Tuesday that its global vehicle deliveries, including MINI and Rolls-Royce, dropped by 23 percent year-on-year to a total of 962,575 units in the first half of 2020.

Jaguar Land Rover Moves Forward With Subscription Program

Jaguar Land Rover is dipping its paw into the subscription automobile leasing pool, just as peer Mercedes is climbing out after a trial run, Autoweek reported on Tuesday (July 7).
Subscription models vary, but in general, they allow customers to lease cars for periods of around six months. The arrangement costs more than typical multi-year leases, but drivers get more variety and short-term commitments.

Ferrari bring forward car upgrades for Styrian Grand Prix

Ferrari are bringing forward some planned upgrades to their car after a disappointing showing at the season-opening Austrian Grand Prix.
Lead driver Charles Leclerc was runner-up on Sunday, but the car was a second off the pace in qualifying seventh.

Mercedes-Benz rolls into South San Francisco

South San Francisco officials gave the green light to a new Mercedes-Benz dealership taking over the former Orchard Supply Hardware building and a surrounding shopping center.

Audi reveals a sporty version of its upcoming electric Q4 SUV

Audi has unveiled concept renderings of a new “Sportback” version of the Q4 E-Tron electric SUV that it debuted last year. Meant to serve as a smaller and more affordable option to the flagship E-Tron, the Q4s are expected to go on sale in 2021 and will start at around $45,000.

No economic logic now for diesel cars: Maruti Suzuki

With the party between the prices of petrol and diesel, there is no economic logic for buying running cost, the acquisition cost differential is very high.

Honda Cars India starts production of new City sedan

New Delhi: Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL), on Tuesday has announced that it has commenced production of fifth generation Honda City sedan at the company's Greater Noida plant in Uttar Pradesh.
As the automaker claims, Honda City is one of its most successful cars in India with high brand equity. It was first introduced in India back in January 1998 and later launched as 2nd generation in November 2003. The third generation model came in September 2008, while fourth generation City was launched in January 2014.

Online car buying platform: Hyundai's Click to Buy records 1.5+ million visitors since March

Earlier this year, Hyundai announced the launch of its online car buying platform, Click to Buy, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. About four months in, Hyundai has shared some rather interesting numbers about the platform and let's just say that this should silence the naysayers. The South Korean automaker shared that its online car sales offering has recorded more than 1.5 million visitors since its launch in March, 2020. In addition to that, the platform has also recorded over 20,000 customer enquiries since then.


Tata Motors Limited today announced its sales in the domestic & international market, for Q1 FY21, which stood at 25,047 vehicles, compared to 1,37,545 units during Q1 FY20.

Toyota’s Hybrid Models Receive A Steep Price Hike In India


VW starts converting another factory for electric car production

After the Zwickau factory, VW has started converting another of its factories from gasoline and diesel vehicle production to electric vehicle production.
Volkswagen has one of the most aggressive electrification plans amongest established automakers.

Assam: Automobile sales in Guwahati hit rock bottom

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the Indian economy and completely tipped the scales for all sectors of Indian Industries signaling towards a deep recession.
As the country approaches the end of its first quarter of the Fiscal Year, the current pandemic seems to have magnified pre-existing risks to India’s economic outlook.

Kia Motors crosses 50,000 unit sales mark for cars with connected features

NEW DELHI: Kia Motors India on Tuesday said it has crossed the 50,000-mark in sales for connected cars within 10 months of its first product launch in the country. The company has surpassed figure of 50,000 activated connected cars on road which includes Seltos and Carnival models, Kia Motors India said in a statement.

Jaguar Land Rover launches premium car subscription service Pivotal

New Delhi: British luxury carmaker Jaguar Land Rover has announced the launch of the premium car subscription service Pivotal.
As the luxury carmaker claims, with this, both the Jaguar and Land Rover cars will be available for subscription.

Mahindra reveals teaser for small 4-seater electric vehicle Atom


Mazda unveils new BT-50, supplied by Isuzu

Mazda Motor Corporation has lifted the veil on its all-new Mazda BT-50 bakkie.
Fully redesigned for the first time in nine years, the new BT-50 is supplied by fellow Japanese manufacturer, Isuzu Motor Limited.

Nissan highlights future plans for India, Africa and the Middle East

Nissan hasn’t launched an exciting new product in India for a while now. Sure, the ‘new’ Kicks gets a powerful engine but it’s still not something the masses would go gaga over. The only other model in their current lineup is the GT-R, and that’s not what you’d call a widely attainable car. Now though, things are about to change. Nissan aims to put a lot more focus towards India, Africa and the Middle East as part of its Global Transformation Plan.

​Renault Kwid records 3.5 lakh unit sales milestone, new BS6 variant available

NEW DELHI: Renault Kwid, French manufacturer’s flagship offering in India has crossed landmark 3.5 lakh unit sales since its launch.
The company also announced that the Kwid is now more accessible with the RXL variant launched with a BS6 compliant 1.0L powertrain in MT and AMT versions. The new RXL variant will be very competitively priced, at Rs 4.16 lakh (ex-showroom) for the MT and Rs 4.48 (ex-showroom) lakh for the AMT version.

2020 Honda City launch on July 15; price, features, specifications, other important details you should know

Honda Cars India has officially announced that the new Honda City will be launched in the country on July 15. The 2020 Honda City will be sold in India alongside the 2019 Honda City. You can book the fifth-generation Honda City from your abode using the Honda from Home online sales platform or by visiting any authorized dealership of the automaker. You can click on this link to read our Honda City 2020 First Drive Review.

5 Reasons Why Fiat Wasn’t Successful In India [Video]


Volvo Cars recall eight models produced from 2006 to 2018

Eight Volvo car models have been recalled globally over problems with the front seat belt fastening.
A spokesperson for the firm told Belfast Live: "Investigations by Volvo Cars have identified that in very rare cases and under specific circumstances, a flexible steel cable connected to the front seat belts on certain Volvo models produced between 2006 and 2018 may under certain rare circumstances suffer from wear and fatigue over time.

Lexus unveils new LS luxury sedan, likely to be launched by end of 2020

The new Lexus LS sedan gets the Lexus Teammate, the latest in advanced driving assist technologies, and a new body colour that creates deep shadows and robust highlights.

How Tesla Delivered Despite Lockdowns

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) said that it sold a total of 90,650 vehicles over Q2 2020, with Model S and X deliveries standing at 10,600 units and Model 3 and Y sales standing at 80,050 units. Although the numbers mark a 5% year-over-year decline, they handily beat market estimates, causing Tesla stock to jump by 8% in Thursday’s trading.

Rolls-Royce's Boeing 787 engine in new safety alert over cracks

Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc faces a fresh issue with the Trent 1000 turbine that powers Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliner jets, adding to the list of design faults that have plagued the engine since 2016.

Maserati Unveils New Engine Adapted From Formula 1 for MC20 Supercar


Unleashed – Dodge Unveils 3 Fast Cars

Dodge has launched three fast cars that should suit every muscle car buyer’s needs. Each of them packing 700+ bhp!
= 07/08/2020 News Alerts about Cars Industry
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2020.07.08 09:53 krishna_2020 Milk And Butter Market Size, Share, Statistics, Trends and Analysis by 2030

The Business Research Company published its Milk And Butter Global Market Report 2020 which provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global milk and butter market. The report covers the milk and butter market’s segments- by type: milk-dairy, butter, by distribution channel: supermarkets/hypermarkets, convenience stores, e-commerce, others, and by application: food, beverages, intermediate products, condiments, other subsegments covered: butter milk, powdered milk, liquid milk, concentrated milk, whipped butter, clarified butter, cultured butter, others – butter.
View Complete Report:
Milk And Butter Global Market Report 2020 is the most comprehensive report available on this market and will help gain a truly global perspective as it covers 60 geographies. The regional and country breakdowns section gives an analysis of the market in each geography and the size of the market by region and by country. It also compares the market’s historic and forecast growth. It covers all the regions, key developed countries and major emerging markets. It draws comparisons with country populations and economies to understand the importance of the market by country and how this is changing. The major regions included in the report are Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, and Africa.
The increasing incidence of lactose intolerance has led to a rise in demand for lactose free dairy products. Lactose intolerance is characterized as the inability to digest lactose, a disaccharide sugar composed of galactose and glucose found in milk. Lactose-free dairy products contain small amounts of an enzyme called lactase that help digest lactose. The production of these is the latest trend in the market.
Few Points From Table Of Content:
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Report Structure
  3. Milk And Butter Market Characteristics
  4. Milk And Butter Market Product Analysis
  5. Milk And Butter Market Supply Chain
  1. Key Mergers And Acquisitions In The Milk And Butter Market
  2. Market Background: Dairy Food Market
  3. Recommendations
  4. Appendix
  5. Copyright And Disclaimer
Request A Sample Report At:
Few Points From List Of Tables
Table 1: Historic Market Growth, Value ($ Billion)
Table 2: Forecast Market Growth, Value ($ Billion)
Table 3: Global Milk And Butter Market, 2019, By Region, Value ($ Billion)
Table 4: Global Milk And Butter Market, 2015-2019, 2023F, 2025F, 2030F, Historic And Forecast, By Region
Table 5: Global Milk And Butter Market, Growth And Market Share Comparison, By Region
Table 129: Global Dairy Food Market, 2015-2019, 2023F, 2025F, 2030F, Segmentation By Type, Value ($ Billion)
Table 130: Global Milk And Butter Market In 2023- Growth Countries
Table 131: Global Milk And Butter Market In 2023- Growth Segments
Table 132: Global Milk And Butter Market In 2023- Growth Strategies
About The Business Research Company:
The Business Research Company is a Business Intelligence Company which excels in company, market and consumer research. It has offices in the UK, the US and India and a network of trained researchers in 52 countries globally.
Contact Information:
The Business Research Company
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Americas: +1 315 623 0293
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2020.07.08 08:04 _Dairy_King_ Einreich: When Austria Collapses In The Victorian Ages And The Butterfly Effect Does Its Thing (1836-Modern Dayish)

This is a Copy-Paste From a Drive I Made because I'm Not Re-Writing This Whole Thing

The Fate Of Austria
The Austrian Empire was at the brink of collapse after the Concert Of Europe was formed under the dominance of the West, Austria was left in the dust, with little influence and no outside help in trading and loans for their involvement in the war (A mere funder). This means that there was a light that appeared for the angry Hungarian Rebel Groups that were looking for anything to grasp on to for a good way to have a true rebellion. The Hungarian Rebels took the chance and this sparked the Austrian Independence Wars (1834-1842), With the Hungarians led by Kerekes Noel which was a former General that was sick and tired of German dominance over Hungarian lands. The Bosnians And South Croats (Soon to Unite with Serbia into Yugoslavia in 1846) Led by Bakir Hodzic, a citizen that lived in Zagreb and had to endure having no money and/or food. By 1842, the wars were over and the borders were against Austria, While only Bohemia and South Tyrol stayed loyal to the crown.
A Threat To The North
With The Austrians mostly out of the grand picture, Prussia and its Prime Minister Baron Heinrich von Bülow, Have an opportunity of Expansion into Central Germany and maybe even further. There was one issue though, The Southern German States (Formerly Under Austrian Influence) are now completely independent, and are looking more and more like they are about to unite. All it will take is a single unbalance in power and it will happen. With the South already forming its own Economic-Defensive Pact called “The Eagles Nest” (Capital In Dresden, Saxony), Prussia must be careful of what decisions to do. They Decide they must single out each state so they won't be able to unite, which turns out was a terrible idea after Prussia's PM, which was a diplomat as well, was arrested after drinking too much at a local pub and leaking their entire plan. This of all things was the breaking point for the South, And They United Into The Southern German Federal Kingdom in 1852 (Led By Philip Wilhelm I). This shocked the West and the north, and in retaliation The Prussians United with the last of the states under “Vereinige Dich Jetzt Oder Sterbe Später!” (Unite Now Or Die Later!). Though the north had a better industry and better military, the south was sided with the West, and would get more and better equipment than the Prussians. The war finally began after a squabble over land in Northern Baden, and next thing you know, the First German Civil War has begun (Less of a Civil War and more of an actual war). The War ended in 1860, 8 years of fighting, with the South on top. A Parliamentary Federal Semi-Constitutional Monarchy was installed and it seemed that peace would stay for a while…
Art Imitates Life
30 years after the Formation of the German Empire, In 1890, Germany’s ties with the West began to rot away as incident after incident occurred and made each side more angry. It began with the debate over Luxembourg, Germany stated it was German, and should have united with them originally but refused under the influence of France and Belgium. The West denied this claim and stated that Germany cant do anything about their independence, and any actions made will lead to intervention. While yes, Germany did get Luxembourg in the end, The West was greatly salty and wanted to get through to Germany about how THEY were in charge. Down south east, The Ottoman Empire too is squabbling with the West. After The Ottoman Empire colonized most of East Africa while the West was busy watching both Germany's fight, they snatched it up and were getting rich off the back of it. Britain soon realized and came over to make a deal about the colonization thing. The Ottomans denied every single request they made saying “If you were not too busy getting into other nations business, you could have had all of Africa by now.” -The Ottoman Sultan, after hearing about the British. The West was furious and France had to lend the UK some African land during the Berlin Conference (1884-1885). Germany saw this and sent over a diplomat to discuss a Defensive-Military alliance between the Empires. They Agreed and signed the “Dual Blade Pact”. The West was shocked about this, and it was starting to look like a Frenchman's worst nightmare. Meanwhile, Russia was facing great internal problems, with the Reds in the Caucuses and the Democrats in the West, Germany was beginning to look like a bigger threat than ever. Russia scrambled to send a diplomat to France and would beg for a Defensive-Military Alliance. It did not take much though, because with Russia, Germany could not possibly win if a war broke out.
The Powderkeg Erupts
It’s been 20 or so years scince 1890. Everything is quiet in the European Continent, The only thing that has happened was Philip Wilhelm I’s death, being replaced with his son, Edgar Wilhelm, which was a huge military nut and did everything in his power to take more control for the monarchist branch of the political tree. Edgar soon had enough power to place a claim on another nation with little to no input. He then placed a claim on Alsace-Lorraine, stating it was ethnic German Lands and it was rightfully theirs. France retaliated by placing a claim on the Rhineland, stating It was wrong in the Hands of the German Government, and it should be free. War was looking more and more imminent, with France stating if they don't remove the claim, they’d declare war. All of a sudden, Russia breaks into civil war, With Communists and independence movements bursting all across the Motherland. This was terrible for the West, but great for Germany and the Ottomans, One less front to worry about. The Germans took up this opportunity and on July 28th, 1914, The Germans Declared war on the French over Alsace-Lorraine and the claims France had on the Rhine. Austria joined in on the side of the West after they knew Germany was planning to unite all Germans, Join in now or die later, as the Prussians would have said. Germany swiftly and easily steamrolled the Austrians while annexing the Austrian Mainland including South Tyrol And The Sudetenland but making a Bohemian puppet. The Germans could now focus completely on France and Britain, but there was an Issue, the Maginot line. They could go through Belgium, but that would Upset the Americans and Its German-Hating President Theodore Roosevelt. The Germans decide to play it cool and Make the Dutch invade First, and then join in on the side of the Dutch to avoid any downsides. Together, The Belgians stood no chance and capitulated faster than France did in our Timeline’s WW2. The Germans busted through into France quick and made lots of ground quick before a spot opened up in the front line. The Germans knew that if they did not know out, or at least distract the British, France would never fall. So they cooked up “Operation Firework”, Where Germany Pulls a D-Day on Britain at Cornwall. They started it in 1916 and It succeeds, it makes most British troops go from the French line to the Cornwall line. This makes it so that Germany can reach Paris quickly, and France falls.
The Final Frontier
With The British Now all alone, and the collapse of Spain with the Spanish Independence Wars, It seemed as if Germany is going to get that quick victory the thought they would get and wanted to get, But then, In 1918, Italy joined in, After The Ottomans took their colonies, They called in Hungary and Hungary Called in The United States, Which was guaranteeing them. This was terrible for the Germans, who had little to no troops on the southern front. Soon enough, Dresden falls to the Hungarians and they move their Capital to Berlin temporarily. and the British, Canadian, And American troops do D-Day. Germany is surrounded by all sides and Germany surrenders. The Ottomans are all alone now, and they are slowly being squeezed out of Africa. But in 1921, The Ottoman Empire surrendered after the Saudis, Iraqis, and Syrians took inspiration from the Spanish and Austrian Independence Wars and revolted. The Great War Has Ended.
When The Dust Settles
After The War, Germany Had to loose Plenty Of Things, They lost East Prussia, Alsace-Lorraine, Luxembourg, Malmendy, Wallonie, Austria, The Sudetenland, All their Colonies, 15,593,849,640 Konvertible Marks, 10% Of Their Total Economy every year, And a more Democratic Regime, which the Monarchy practically has no power in place labeled the Leipzig Federation (still monarchist and known as Germany), And Giving Partial independence to Hanover. Now The Ottomans DID lose a lot, but they didn't have to pay anything after the Turkish Civil War.
The Depressing Inter-War Period
After The Great War, Europe was in turmoil. With The German War Machine now a mere Pure Constitutional Monarchy, and the West facing the consequences of the Wall Street Crash, the world was looking worse than ever… Except for Asia. Asia has been a hot spot for many years, after the Non-Aggression pact between China and Japan Stunned practically everyone, and allowed the two nations to live in peace… for now. With the Chinese manpower and the Japanese Industry, they were an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Back in Europe Portugal is the greatest power in Europe. They did not take place but instead sold weapons to the allies during the war, this made them stupid rich over this trade, they were also able to secure huge amounts of land in Africa. They were a huge power, and wanted to expand, the Dutch and Portuguese had a long running hatred, and the Portuguese wanted the Dutch colonies. The year is 1923 and the Germans are in no position to help the Dutch. So the time to strike would be now. But the Portuguese are about to just sail from Portugal all the way to Indonesia. they needed the help of a power in the region. Australia is a corrupt country on the brink of civil war with Marxism and Fascist factions. The Japanese have sworn not to work with another Western power again, then there's China, they had good relations with the Portuguese and also wanted to expand into Indonesia. So China and Portugal from the Greater Indonesia pact and Divide it up in secret. The last thing they needed was a reason to go to war. So the Portuguese load a ship full of civilian dressed prisoners down to Indonesia and blow it up. They blame the entire thing on the Dutch and declare war. China became the giant port for the Portuguese, with their holdings in Vietnam, they had a perfect way to naval invade the mainly Air-Based military and can take important ports. They labeled this “Operation Seadragon '', It began. It goes off great with the Dutch losing most/all important ports, And The Dutch East Indies soon fall to the Two Powers and the Dutch must be sure for peace. At the peace conference, The Portuguese took the Western Islands, and the Chinese took the large massive island on top, And the rest of New Guinea is Given to the Australians. The Dutch Only keep a few islands due to the Warlords taking independence in the North. Back in Europe, Germany’s in a factional split, With the Marxists containing the east, And the Fascists containing the south, The Monarchist faction only has so much wiggle room, but Edgar Wilhelm is giving more and more power back to himself, and will soon be fully Monarchist soon. The same thing is happening to most nations across the European Continent, Including France, which was vulnerable to Communist and Marxist influence. The only nation safe in Europe is Britain, which was protected from Economic and Factional turmoil by the English Channel. The internal Conflicts were great on their own, and With the Fascists in Asia, Monarchists in Europe, Communists in Siberia, and Democracies in North America, A war is looking more and more imminent than ever before.
The Lines In The Sand
With Different radical Ideologies springing up across Europe and Asia, The 1930’s are looking more and more like a time of Cold Wars, With Nuclear development being Carried by The Democratic and Monarchist factions, which have decided to make a Non-Aggression pact towards each other. But then, All of a sudden, Poland and France Break out into a 2-way civil war in less than a month apart. Both of these nations have seen worse ends of the stick in the economic depression, and with the Marxist Soviet Socialist Republic (MSSR) funding Marxist groups across the areas. Germany saw this as an opportunity, and started to take back old lands that they had before the war, including Alsace-Lorraine and Wallonie, Germany soon was fully complete and Is now ahead in the race for the Nuclear bomb. This is terrible for the East and West, which was looking to keep balance in the world but eventually failed with this. Eventually The Marxists won on both sides, forever weakening the Democratic side's power.
Europe At War… Again
With the French and Polish fallen to Marxism, War is on the horizon for all of Europe. With Germany losing most of their research in a fire that burned down the entire sector of Nuclear Research in Leipzig. And after a Border conflict between Germany and France, the World is at war again, with the Monarchists and Democracies against The Communists against the Fascists. The Fascists make quick ground on the Soviets, taking most of Siberia and Pushing more and more west. The Monarchists easily take out Poland, but have trouble with France which has fortified the border twice as much than the First world war, and has spread it out across the Benelux. Germany, though, has a plan. They will instead go through Switzerland and attack the same as they did back in World War one. The operation began and Switzerland fell, Being partitioned between Germany and Italy. The Germans go quickly through the plains of Western Europe and encircle the Maginot line and their forces before they could Retaliate and make an offensive. The French Forces were put under siege and Paris soon fell,And France capitulated, almost like a repeat of the First World War. The US moves troops out into the pacific, and begins to take Japanese and Chinese Colonies swiftly with little to no resistance. Back in Siberia, Russia is almost capitulated, with The Fascists and the Monarchists coming in from each side. Moscow falls to Germany and soon after so does Russia itself. Now the Monarchists and fascists have a direct border. Germany begins to be pushed back all the way to Danzig, for they don't have the Industry and/or Manpower to take both China and Japan. Dresden falls once more to the east, and so does Germany. It's all up to The United States and Britain to take back the world.
Liberation At All Costs
The UK begins to make plans of a second D-Day, and will call in the rest of Germany's allies to try to save the world. The operation begins in 1942 and It goes off okay, with The UKs liberation of France and part of Germany. The US begins to make landings on Tokyo and Nagasaki, and Soon takes the whole Island, capitulating Japan. China is soon after chased into China, and then the First 2 Nuclear Bombs are dropped on Beijing and Wuhan. China soon after capitulates and the World gets brought back to normal, with all ethnic groups in china are liberated, Russia getting their land back, Democracies/Constitutional Monarchies put in place everywhere across the planet, and Peace is restored, along with Decolonization rapidising, All Ethnic groups in Africa are freed. Peace is Restored for Millennia, and the borders look similar as they do today, Just with a Larger Germany, Austria, And Hungary.
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2020.07.07 22:32 Pharaoh_Pyramid777 The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin Where Trump's real estate world meets a top religious ally of the Kremlin.
Chabad of Port Washington, a Jewish community center on Long Island’s Manhasset Bay, sits in a squat brick edifice across from a Shell gas station and a strip mall. The center is an unexceptional building on an unexceptional street, save for one thing: Some of the shortest routes between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin run straight through it.
Two decades ago, as the Russian president set about consolidating power on one side of the world, he embarked on a project to supplant his country’s existing Jewish civil society and replace it with a parallel structure loyal to him. On the other side of the world, the brash Manhattan developer was working to get a piece of the massive flows of capital that were fleeing the former Soviet Union in search of stable assets in the West, especially real estate, and seeking partners in New York with ties to the region.
Their respective ambitions led the two men—along with Trump’s future son-in-law, Jared Kushner—to build a set of close, overlapping relationships in a small world that intersects on Chabad, an international Hasidic movement most people have never heard of.
Starting in 1999, Putin enlisted two of his closest confidants, the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, who would go on to become Chabad’s biggest patrons worldwide, to create the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia under the leadership of Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar, who would come to be known as “Putin’s rabbi.”
A few years later, Trump would seek out Russian projects and capital by joining forces with a partnership called Bayrock-Sapir, led by Soviet emigres Tevfik Arif, Felix Sater and Tamir Sapir—who maintain close ties to Chabad. The company’s ventures would lead to multiple lawsuits alleging fraud and a criminal investigation of a condo project in Manhattan.
Meanwhile, the links between Trump and Chabad kept piling up. In 2007, Trump hosted the wedding of Sapir’s daughter and Leviev’s right-hand man at Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach resort. A few months after the ceremony, Leviev met Trump to discuss potential deals in Moscow and then hosted a bris for the new couple’s first son at the holiest site in Chabad Judaism. Trump attended the bris along with Kushner, who would go on to buy a $300 million building from Leviev and marry Ivanka Trump, who would form a close relationship with Abramovich’s wife, Dasha Zhukova. Zhukova would host the power couple in Russia in 2014 and reportedly attend Trump’s inauguration as their guest.
With the help of this trans-Atlantic diaspora and some globetrotting real estate moguls, Trump Tower and Moscow’s Red Square can feel at times like part of the same tight-knit neighborhood. Now, with Trump in the Oval Office having proclaimed his desire to reorient the global order around improved U.S. relations with Putin’s government—and as the FBI probes the possibility of improper coordination between Trump associates and the Kremlin—that small world has suddenly taken on outsize importance.
Trump’s kind of Jews
Founded in Lithuania in 1775, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement today has adherents numbering in the five, or perhaps six, figures. What the movement lacks in numbers it makes up for in enthusiasm, as it is known for practicing a particularly joyous form of Judaism.
Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, recalled having this trait impressed upon him during one family wedding at which the two tables occupied by his first cousins, Chabad rabbis, put the rest of the celebrants to shame. “They were dancing up a storm, these guys. I thought they were black. Instead they’re just black-hat,” Klein said, referring to their traditional Hasidic garb.
Despite its small size, Chabad has grown to become the most sprawling Jewish institution in the world, with a presence in over 1,000 far-flung cities, including locales like Kathmandu and Hanoi with few full-time Jewish residents. The movement is known for these outposts, called Chabad houses, which function as community centers and are open to all Jews. “Take any forsaken city in the world, you have a McDonald’s and a Chabad house,” explained Ronn Torossian, a Jewish public relations executive in New York.
Chabad adherents differ from other Hasidic Jews on numerous small points of custom, including the tendency of Chabad men to wear fedoras instead of fur hats. Many adherents believe that the movement’s last living leader, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who died in 1994, is the messiah, and some believe he is still alive. Chabad followers are also, according to Klein, “remarkable” fundraisers.
As the closest thing the Jewish world has to evangelism—much of its work is dedicated to making Jews around the world more involved in Judaism—Chabad serves many more Jews who are not full-on adherents.
According to Schmuley Boteach, a prominent rabbi in New Jersey and a longtime friend of Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, Chabad offers Jews a third way of relating to their religious identity. “You have three choices as a Jew,” he explained. “You can assimilate and not be very affiliated. You can be religious and Orthodox, or there’s sort of a third possibility that Chabad offers for people who don’t want to go the full Orthodox route but do want to stay on the traditional spectrum.”
This third way may explain the affinity Trump has found with a number of Chabad enthusiasts—Jews who shun liberal reform Judaism in favor of traditionalism but are not strictly devout.
“It’s not a surprise that Trump-minded people are involved with Chabad,” said Torossian. “Chabad is a place that tough, strong Jews feel comfortable. Chabad is a nonjudgmental place where people that are not traditional and not by-the-book feel comfortable.”
He summarized the Chabad attitude, which is less strict than the Orthodox one, as, “If you can’t keep all of the commandments, keep as many as you can.”
Torossian, who coincidentally said he is Sater’s friend and PR rep, also explained that this balance is particularly appealing to Jews from the former Soviet Union, who appreciate its combination of traditional trappings with a lenient attitude toward observance. “All Russian Jews go to Chabad,” he said. “Russian Jews are not comfortable in a reform synagogue.”
Putin’s kind of Jews
The Russian state’s embrace of Chabad happened, like many things in Putin’s Russia, as the result of a factional power struggle.
In 1999, soon after he became prime minister, Putin enlisted Abramovich and Leviev to create the Federation of Russian Jewish Communities. Its purpose was to undermine the existing umbrella for Russia’s Jewish civil society, the Russian Jewish Congress, led by oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky, a potential threat to Putin and President Boris Yeltsin. A year later, Gusinsky was arrested by Putin’s government and forced into exile.
At the time, Russia already had a chief rabbi as recognized by the Russian Jewish Congress, Adolf Shayevich. But Abramovich and Leviev installed Chabad rabbi Lazar at the head of their rival organization. The Kremlin removed Shayevich from its religious affairs council, and ever since it has instead recognized Lazar as Russia’s chief rabbi, leaving the country with two rival claimants to the title.
The Putin-Chabad alliance has reaped benefits for both sides. Under Putin, anti-Semitism has been officially discouraged, a break from centuries of discrimination and pogroms, and the government has come to embrace a state-sanctioned version of Jewish identity as a welcome part of the nation.
As Putin has consolidated his control of Russia, Lazar has come to be known derisively as “Putin’s rabbi.” He has escorted the Russian leader to Jerusalem’s Western Wall and attended the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, Putin’s pet project, on the Jewish Sabbath. Putin returned that favor by arranging for Lazar to enter the stadium without submitting to security checks that would have broken the rules for observing Shabbat.
In 2013, a $50 million Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center opened in Moscow under the auspices of Chabad and with funding from Abramovich. Putin donated a month of his salary to the project, while the Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB, pitched in by offering relevant documents from its archives.
In 2014, Lazar was the only Jewish leader present at Putin’s triumphal announcement of the annexation of Crimea.
But the rabbi has paid a price for his loyalty to Putin. Since the annexation, his continued support for the Russian autocrat has caused a rift with Chabad leaders in Ukraine. And for years, the Russian government has defied an American court order to turn over a trove of Chabad texts called the “Schneerson Library” to the Chabad Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Shortly after the opening of the tolerance museum, Putin ordered the collection transferred there instead. The move made Lazar the custodian of a prized collection that his Brooklyn comrades believe is rightfully theirs.
If Lazar has any qualms about his role in all the intra-Chabad drama, he hasn’t let on publicly. “Challenging the government is not the Jewish way,” the rabbi said in 2015.
Trump, Bayrock, Sapir
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, as Trump looked for business and investors in the former Soviet Union during the first years of this century, he struck up an enduring relationship with a firm called Bayrock-Sapir.
Bayrock was co-led by Felix Sater, a convicted mob associate.
Sater and another Bayrock employee, Daniel Ridloff, who like Sater later went on to work directly for the Trump Organization, belong to the Port Washington Chabad house. Sater told POLITICO Magazine that in addition to serving on the board of the Port Washington Chabad house, he sits on the boards of numerous Chabad entities in the U.S. and abroad, though none in Russia.
The extent of Sater’s ties to Trump is a matter of some dispute. Working out of Trump Tower, Sater partnered with the celebrity developer on numerous Trump-branded developments and scouted deals for him in the former Soviet Union. In 2006, Sater escorted Trump’s children Ivanka and Don Jr. around Moscow to scour the city for potential projects, and he worked especially closely with Ivanka on the development of Trump SoHo, a hotel and condominium building in Manhattan whose construction was announced on “The Apprentice” in 2006.
In 2007, Sater’s stock fraud conviction became public. The revelation did not deter Trump, who brought him on as “a senior advisor to the Trump Organization” in 2010. In 2011, a number of purchasers of Trump SoHo units sued Trump and his partners for fraud and the New York attorney general’s office opened a criminal inquiry into the building’s marketing. But the purchasers settled and agreed not to cooperate with the criminal investigation, which was subsequently scuttled, according to the New York Times. Two former executives are suing Bayrock alleging tax evasion, money laundering, racketeering, bribery, extortion and fraud.
Under oath, Sater has described a close relationship with the Trumps, while Trump has testified under oath that he barely knew Sater and would not be able to pick his face out in a crowd. Several people who worked closely with Sater during this period and who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, citing fear of retaliation from both men, scoffed at Trump’s testimony, describing frequent meetings and near-constant phone calls between the two. One person recalled numerous occasions on which Trump and Sater dined together, including at the now-defunct Kiss & Fly in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.
“Trump called Felix like every other day to his office. So the fact that he’s saying he doesn’t know him, that’s a lot of crap,” said a former Sater colleague. “They were definitely in contact always. They spoke on the phone all the time.”
In 2014, the Port Washington Chabad house named Sater its “man of the year.” At the ceremony honoring Sater, the chabad’s founder, Shalom Paltiel, recounted how Sater would spill his guts to him about his adventures working as a government cooperator on sensitive matters of national security.
“I only recently told Felix I really didn’t believe most of it. I thought perhaps he watched too many James Bond movies, read one too many Tom Clancy novels,” said Paltiel at the ceremony. “Anyone who knows Felix knows he can tell a good story. I simply did not put too much credence to them.”
But Paltiel went on to recount receiving special clearance years later to accompany Sater to a ceremony at the federal building in Manhattan. There, said Paltiel, officials from every American intelligence agency applauded Sater’s secret work and divulged “stuff that was more fantastic, and more unbelievable, than anything he had been telling me.” A video of the event honoring Sater has been removed from the Port Washington Chabad house’s website but is still available on YouTube.
When I contacted Paltiel for this article, he hung up the phone as soon as I introduced myself. I wanted to ask him about some of the connections I’d come across in the course of my reporting. In addition to his relationship with Sater, Paltiel is also close to “Putin’s rabbi” Lazar, calling Lazar “my dear friend and mentor” in a short note about running into him at Schneerson’s gravesite in Queens.
According to Boteach, this is unsurprising, because Chabad is the sort of community where everybody knows everybody else. “In the world of Chabad, we all went to Yeshiva together, we were all ordained together,” Boteach explained. “I knew Berel Lazar from yeshiva.”
The Port Washington Chabad house has another Bayrock tie. Among its top 13 benefactors, its “Chai Circle,” as listed on its website, is Sater’s partner, Bayrock founder Tevfik Arif.
Arif, a former Soviet bureaucrat turned wealthy real estate developer, owns a mansion in Port Washington, an upscale suburb, but he makes a curious patron for the town’s Chabad. A Kazakh-born citizen of Turkey with a Muslim name, Arif is not Jewish, according to people who have worked with him. In 2010, he was arrested in a raid on a yacht in Turkey that once belonged to the founder of the modern Turkish state, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, and charged with running an international underage prostitution ring. Arif was later cleared of the charges.
Before the scandal on Ataturk’s yacht, Arif partnered closely with Trump, Ivanka Trump and Sater in the development of Trump SoHo along with the Sapir family, a New York real estate dynasty and the other half of Bayrock-Sapir.
Its patriarch, the late billionaire Tamir Sapir, was born in the Soviet state of Georgia and arrived in 1976 in New York, where he opened an electronics store in the Flatiron district that, according to the New York Times, catered largely to KGB agents.
Trump has called Sapir “a great friend.” In December 2007, he hosted the wedding of Sapir’s daughter, Zina, at Mar-a-Lago. The event featured performances by Lionel Ritchie and the Pussycat Dolls. The groom, Rotem Rosen, was the CEO of the American branch of Africa Israel, the Putin oligarch Leviev’s holding company.
Five months later, in early June 2008, Zina Sapir and Rosen held a bris for their newborn son. Invitations to the bris described Rosen as Leviev’s “right-hand man.” By then, Leviev had become the single largest funder of Chabad worldwide, and he personally arranged for the bris to take place at Schneerson’s grave, Chabad’s most holy site.
Trump attended the bris. A month earlier, in May 2008, he and Leviev had met to discuss possible real estate projects in Moscow, according to a contemporaneous Russian news report. An undated photograph on a Pinterest account called LLD Diamond USA, the name of a firm registered to Leviev, shows Trump and Leviev shaking hands and smiling. (The photograph was first pointed out by Pacific Standard.)
That same year, Sapir, an active Chabad donor in his own right, joined Leviev in Berlin to tour Chabad institutions in the city.
Jared, Ivanka, Roman, Dasha
Also present at the Sapir-Rosen bris was Kushner, who along with his now-wife Ivanka Trump has forged his own set of ties to Putin’s Chabad allies. Kushner’s family, which is Modern Orthodox, has long been highly engaged in philanthropy across the Jewish world, including to Chabad entities, and during his undergraduate years at Harvard, Kushner was active in the university’s Chabad house. Three days before the presidential election, the couple visited Schneerson’s grave and prayed for Trump. In January, the couple purchased a home in Washington’s Kalorama neighborhood and settled on the city’s nearby Chabad synagogue, known as TheSHUL of the Nation's Capital, as their house of worship.
In May 2015, a month before Trump officially entered the Republican presidential primary, Kushner bought a majority stake in the old New York Times building on West 43rd Street from Leviev for $295 million.
Kushner and Ivanka Trump are also close with Abramovich’s wife, Dasha Zhukova. Abramovich, an industrialist worth more than $7 billion and the owner of the British soccer club Chelsea FC, is the former governor of the Russian province of Chukotka, where he is still revered as a hero. He owes his fortune to his triumphant emergence from Russia’s post-Soviet “aluminum wars,” in which more than 100 people are estimated to have died in fighting over control of aluminum refineries. Abramovich admitted in 2008 that he amassed his assets by paying billions of dollars in bribes. In 2011, his former business partner, the late Boris Berezovsky—an oligarch who had fallen out with Putin and gone on to live in exile at the Trump International on Central Park West—accused him of threats, blackmail and intimidation in a lawsuit in the United Kingdom, which Abramovich won.
Abramovich was reportedly the first person to recommend to Yeltsin that he choose Putin as his successor. In their 2004 biography of Abramovich, the British journalists Chris Hutchins and Dominic Midgely write, “When Putin needed a shadowy force to act against his enemies behind the scenes, it was Abramovich whom he could rely on to prove a willing co-conspirator.” The biographers compare the two men’s relationship to that between a father and a son and report that Abramovich personally interviewed candidates for Putin’s first cabinet. He has reportedly gifted Putin a $30 million yacht, though Putin denies it.
Abramovich’s vast business holdings and his personal life overlap with Trump’s world in multiple ways.
According to a 2012 report from researchers at Cornell University, Evraz, a firm partly owned by Abramovich, has contracts to provide 40 percent of the steel for the Keystone XL pipeline, a project whose completion was approved by Trump in March after years of delay. And in 2006, Abramovich purchased a large stake in the Russian oil giant Rosneft, a company now being scrutinized for its possible role in alleged collusion between Trump and Russia. Both Trump and the Kremlin have dismissed as "fake news" a dossier that alleges that a recent sale of Rosneft shares was part of a scheme to ease U.S. sanctions on Russia.
Meanwhile, his wife, Zhukova, has long traveled in the same social circles as Kushner and Ivanka Trump: She is a friend and business partner of Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendi Deng, one of Ivanka’s closest friends, and a friend of Karlie Kloss, the longtime girlfriend of Kushner’s brother, Josh.
Over the years, Zhukova has grown close to Jared and Ivanka themselves. In February 2014, a month before Putin illegally annexed Crimea from Ukraine, Ivanka Trump posted a photo to Instagram of herself with Zhukova, Wendi Deng, a bottle of wine, and the caption, “Thank you [Zhukova] for an unforgettable four days in Russia!” Deng was recently rumored to be dating Putin, though she denied it. Other photos from the trip show Kushner was also present in Russia at the time.
Last summer, Kushner and Ivanka Trump shared a box at the U.S. Open with Zhukova and Deng. In January, Zhukova reportedly attended Trump’s inauguration as Ivanka Trump’s guest.
On March 14, The Daily Mail spotted Josh Kushner dining with Zhukova in New York. According to the outlet, Josh Kushner “hid his face as he exited the eatery with Dasha.”
A week later, at the same time Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were vacationing in Aspen with her two brothers and their families, Abramovich’s plane flew from Moscow to Denver, according to a flight tracking service. Abramovich owns two properties in the Aspen area.
A spokesman for Abramovich declined to comment on the record about the Colorado overlap. The White House referred queries about the couples to a personal spokeswoman for Ivanka Trump. The spokeswoman, Risa Heller, initially indicated she would provide answers to questions about the Colorado overlap and recent contacts between the couples, but did not do so.
President Trump has reportedly sought security clearances for Kushner and Ivanka, who have taken on growing roles in his White House. For anyone else, a close personal relationship with the family of a top Putin confidant would present significant hurdles to obtaining security clearances, former high-ranking intelligence officials said, but political pressure to grant clearances to the president’s children would be likely to override any security concerns.
“Yes, such connections to Russia should matter for a clearance,” said Steve Hall, a former CIA Moscow station chief. “Question is, will they?”
“I don’t think the Trump family camp will have any trouble with security clearances, as long as there’s no polygraph involved,” said Milt Bearden, former chief of the CIA’s Eastern European division. “It’s absolutely crazy, but not going to be an issue.”
With Washington abuzz about the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of Trump world’s relationship with Putin’s Kremlin, their overlapping networks remain the object of much scrutiny and fascination.
In March, the New York Times reported that Lazar had met last summer with the Trump administration’s special representative for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt, then a lawyer for the Trump Organization. The men characterized the meeting as a normal part of Greenblatt’s campaign outreach to Jewish leaders and said it included general discussion of Russian society and anti-Semitism. The meeting was brokered by New York PR rep Joshua Nass, and Lazar has said he did not discuss that meeting with the Russian government.
In late January, Sater met with Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to discuss a proposed Ukraine peace deal that would end U.S. sanctions on Russia, which Cohen then delivered to Trump’s then-national security adviser Michael Flynn at the White House, according to the Times. Cohen has given varying accounts of the episode.
According to one Jewish Republican who said he sees Cohen “all the time” there, Cohen himself is a regular presence at the Midtown Chabad on Fifth Avenue, a dozen blocks south of Trump Tower and a half-dozen blocks south of his current office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
Cohen disputed this, saying, “I’ve never been to a Chabad and I’ve never been to one in New York City either.” Cohen then said he last stepped foot in a Chabad over 15 years ago to attend a bris. He said the last Chabad-related event he attended was on March 16 at a hotel in Newark when he spoke at a dinner honoring Trump’s secretary of veterans affairs, David Shulkin. The dinner was hosted by the Rabbinical College of America, a Chabad organization.
To those unfamiliar with Russian politics, Trump’s world and Hasidic Judaism, all these Chabad links can appear confounding. Others simply greet them with a shrug.
“The interconnectedness of the Jewish world through Chabad is not surprising insofar as it’s one of the main Jewish players,” said Boteach. “I would assume that the world of New York real estate isn’t that huge either.”
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2020.07.07 07:03 WildVirtue Arguments in favour of Vaush becoming a vegan soyboy already :P

Some thoughts on Vaush’s engagement with vegans/veganism thus far.

I acknowledge social conditioning/alienation & extreme cases
I acknowledge out the gate that there are exception for me where buying animal products is 100% not a bad character vice, such as:
  1. Where someone is either unaware of or incapable of following a vegan lifestyle. Or…
  2. Where eating animal products happened to be necessary in order to achieve more wellbeing fighting other liberation causes in extreme situations. For example flying to Syria to protect the Yazidis from ISIS and having to eat spam from a tin because it’s the only rations the militia could afford to budget.
In both of these cases I think most vegans agree it would be ethically vegan or ethically on par with veganism.

I acknowledge the paradox of calling an act a brainwashed individual did immoral
Now I know Vaush and I agree the act of killing an animal unjustifiably is always wrong, but how can an act be wrong for the individual if he’s alienated from the profits and been socially conditioned into believing it’s ok? So of course some of the blame lies with collective society.
And yet that immorality keeps racking up such that it is an urgent problem we need to address.

Harm in exaggerating exceptions to the rule
So Vaush has given the example of someone being able to enjoy the foods they’re nostalgic for growing up and possibly giving them the energy to do activism. And it’s true that a lot of people are living bad lives, clinging to what few luxuries keep them sane. But at the same time when we think of the harm to the animals and our health it is so pressing that we strive to do better and find other sources of comfort, just like quitting smoking.
Existing as a vegan in the world is this really positive step to showing your seriousness and dedication you’re willing to put in, so then being better able to find each other and get organized, e.g. willingness to start a food not bombs stall or guerrilla garden.
So it's by saving money, being healthy and helping others to do the same, that we then have the means and time to do activism long-term. Like new age travellers in the 80s responding to shit work options, helping each other live sustainably on sites and being the back-bone of road protests against unnecessary roads to nowhere that would have increased urban sprawl, putting more cars on the road and CO2 in the air.

Harm in playing down the potential effectiveness of boycotts
  1. A really important positive attribute to acknowledge about this lifestyle is it's a broad food category that in its wholefood form is easy to distinguish on the shelf. Therefore experimenting with the diet doesn't need to feel like a burden to take on board in the same way researching and seeking out conflict-free minerals in everything you buy can be for example.
  2. It's not the case that we need to win over everyone to veganism in order to make massive change, if a large enough minority can create breathing room for legislation and food co-ops on the way to revolution it’s both an obligation to attempt it and to make the transition to a market socialist society easier saving humans and wildlife. As well as driving less, buying second hand, etc.
  3. Boycotts have the effect of bringing communities together under a liberation politics e.g. car-sharing during the Montgomery bus boycott, students leading the call to stop subsidising Israel and before that South Africa, the widespread boycotting of reactionary tabloid newspaper in the UK that ran stories saying mass suffocation at a football stadium due to over-crowding and fences were the fans fault. So boycotting to show your real felt ties to the land you stand on as necessary optics for seriousness on the left.

Finally here are some examples of political news stories involving animal rights it would be cool to see him comment on and give a wider audience to even if just in passing
Trump Approves $16 Billion Coronavirus Bailout for Meat and Dairy:
Abattoir workers are the forgotten frontline victims at the heart of this crisis – and now they’re spreading coronavirus:
A group of indigenous Tahltan people blockading a road to try to reverse over-hunting on their territory:
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2020.07.06 18:23 GonJumpOffACliff Humanity should just go extinct.

When I say this, I don't mean to be edgy. I don't mean to be your average everyday nihilist who wants humanity to be wiped out but doesn't want to die himself.
Yeah, I want humanity to be wiped out. I also would rather die than continue living in this world for much longer.
Humanity has been the instigator for one of Earth's largest coming mass extinctions. We caused global warming. Through the centuries of industrialisation we ended up nearly destroying part of the atmosphere which has caused heat to get trapped on Earth. This is melting ice caps and its desroying habitats not even just for us, but for other innocent animals too. They didn't do anything, yet humanity has essentially brought them their doom. At this point, it would be better for humanity to never leave this planet and go to another one, because if we did, we would end up repeating the same mistakes we made on Earth there and cause more doom for other innocent species' that lived alright lives before we came along and ruined everything.
Humanity is also scum for what we've done to each other. Racism, sexism and opposing religious beliefs are huge problems now. We are all at least slightly racist towards each other, less so when you've been living amongst one ethnicity your entire life. However, not all white people are racist, and calling all of them racist is being racist in itself. Black people, asian people and latinos are all culprits of this. People like to pretend racism against white people doesn't exist when all you need to do is go anywhere in Asia and see how they treat you in light of the coronavirus or even when it's not happening. Of course, I'm not trying to pretend white people can't be racist at all, I mean, look at what they did just 200 years ago during the age of colonisation and the slave trade. They bought slaves from Africa and took them to the Americas or Europe just to use them for their own ends. Which brings me to my next point: black people can also be racist towards other black people. Africans sold their own people as slaves to slave traders, but people like to ignore that part of history to push the narrative that only white people can be racist. Asian people, while they did not sell slaves, have still been racist towards each other for centuries too, with the colonisation of China by the Japanese or by the mongolians. They're still racist towards each other now, as the hatred between online communities is large. White people are still racist towards other ethnicities, such as black people, and micro-aggressions do exist. But everyone is racist, not just these two ethnicities, including muslims, who discriminate against each other simply for having different views on who should've been the successor to the prophet Muhammed. They also totally ignore the Uyghurs and just leave China be in their discrimination of them.
And yes - of course I'm going to write a bit about China. Right now, they may as well be the Soviet Union. They lack human rights, they have no free speech, the CCP has made multiple constitutional violations (which by the way SUPPORTS free speech and free assembly), they caused and covered up one of the most talked about massacres right now, namely, the Tiananmen square massacre, and they're breaking international law by violating agreements made with the United Kingdom about Hong Kong. Not to mention the neo-colonialism in Tibet and East Turkistan (Xinjiang). They also claim to be communist, however the cities on the coast enjoy much more economic prosperity than their inland counterparts. They have Special Economic Zones, areas within cities that should not exist if the country was truly communist. Shenzhen is nicknamed the silicon valley of China. That is no longer communist either. They are liars and just utter scum - the people living there are also so brainwashed they can't even begin to fathom the horrible things their country has done. I had a conversation with someone about the colonialism they're currently doing, and he said "They're colonising because they were colonised before!" That does not give anyone the right to colonise anyone. Does it give China the right to build borderline concentration camps for the Uyghurs? Does it give India the right to colonise Pakistan and Bangladesh? Did it give the UK, which was colonised by the vikings, Rome and the Normans, the right to go and create the largest empire Earth had ever seen? Excusing humans and countries for their grave mistakes in the past, even if it was in the name of "nationalism" back then, is never a good idea, especially when there is plenty of evidence to show that what they did was not a good idea at all.
Now for the US. They were colonised by the UK. Did that give them the right to expand westward in the name of "manifest destiny"? I don't think so. They ended up taking three states from Mexico in the process and killed a great many native americans to get to the other end. They did what China is doing right now - they flooded the west coast with white americans to try and drown out the natives living there. Americans created the Trail of Tears to relocate native americans native to the southeast to areas to the west of the Mississippi river, which had been designated as Indian territory. In the process, several thousand natives died, giving the trail it's name. The US has also done several bad things in the past, such as the unethical MK Ultra and selling drugs to South America just to get an excuse for war. The Vietnam war was stupid as hell and only caused the people who they were trying to protect to suffer the most. Ah, but of course - anything in the name of eradicating communism, which was a genuinely good idea in theory, but unfortunately human nature would never let that happen for realsies.
It is absolutely not just these countries that are in the wrong. Russia has also been known for their human rights violations and censorship in the past, and South Africa (the country not the region) only ended their apartheid in 1994. South Sudan fell into a civil war almost immediately after they became independent. Israel has been discriminated against by the UN, who condemns them at least 40% of the time, and Israel is discriminating against the Palestinians, who may as well leave Israel because there is little chance of their survival if they stay there. Turkey is illegaly occupying the north of Cyprus. Somalia is tied with North Korea as the most corrupt country in the world, seeing as they're essentially run by the militias. North Korea is in total isolation and they still hold public executions. Mexico has had corrupt president for most of it's lifespan, save for very few. The current one is not holding up on many of his campaign promises. The alt-right in Germany have begun to rise up again. Norway had been discriminating against the Saami for centuries until the anti-discrimination act by the UN happened. Tensions are at an all time high, with the doomsday clock being its closest ever to midnight just a few weeks ago. World War 3 might really happen, and when it does, the world will end anyway because of all the nuclear weapons we have built.
At this point, humanity should just go extinct. There's so much racism and sexism today its appaling. Yes, there was more in the past, but its shocking to see so many people be so sensitive to a few words. It's disappointing to see we still haven't moved past racism and sexism to progress as one unified species - the human race. However, human nature dictates that this is simply how it's got to be, so we can't do anything about it.
As for myself, I've been considering suicide for a great many months now. I have come very close to killing myself but I have never been able to. I think its probably about time to do so, with everything that has been going on - the tensions, the hatred, everything is so overwhelming that I think it's about time. In the meantime, I'm going to go back to looking at memes, watching funny youtube videos and playing games while this post dies in new with no one ever seeing what I believed in.
Thank you for listening to my TED talk.
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2020.07.06 17:48 Dave37 Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Hi /Collapse! I have been working on an ongoing project for over 4 years now nick-named “[Signs of collapse]”.
I try my best to not make this series into a rant about every little problem or mishap that’s going on. Even in a sustainable society accidents would happen and natural catastrophes would occur, seasons would vary in intensity from year to year and so on. So what I present here is my best attempt at distilling out anthropogenic anomalies.
I define a “sign of collapse” as a negative market externality that the current socioeconomic system for whatever reason hasn’t dealt with and is now ending up hurting people or the ecosystem. I try to pick studies and news that shows the occurring consequences of the current system’s failure to deal with externalities.
You are not the intended audience for this project, you're already agreeing with everything it presents. I post it here so that you can help me spread it and use/reuse the material elsewhere. Also feel free to solve any or all of the mentioned problems, it's fine if you only pick one.
Previous posts:

Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Police riots in the US
Human well-being & non-specific climate change
Economy, Politics & Industry
Pests, viruses and bacterial infections
Heat waves, forest fires and tree loss
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2020.07.06 17:46 Dave37 Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Hi /FridaysForFuture! I have been working on an ongoing project for over 4 years now nick-named “[Signs of collapse]”. We can all see how the natural world that we’re depending on is degrading at an increasing pace while the warnings of the scientific community are ignored. I think in order to reach a world that is truly sustainable and free from fossil fuels, it's imperative that everyone fully understand where we are now and which path we are on. To progress, we have to identify the problems and accept them for what they are if we wish to have any chance addressing them.
I try my best to not make this series into a rant about every little problem or mishap that’s going on. Even in a sustainable society accidents would happen and natural catastrophes would occur, seasons would vary in intensity from year to year and so on. So what I present here is my best attempt at distilling out anthropogenic anomalies.
I define a “sign of collapse” as a negative market externality that the current socioeconomic system for whatever reason hasn’t dealt with and is now ending up hurting people or the ecosystem. I try to pick studies and news that shows the occurring consequences of the current system’s failure to deal with externalities.
Urgent action is needed now and there's close to no upper limit to how radically environmentalist one can reasonably become at the present time. I hope this collection of catastrophes can serve as sharp ammunition in whatever project or strike you participate in.
Feel free to share any of the material or repost this on other suitable subreddits. If you would like to get involved in this project, don’t hesitate to chat me up.
Previous posts:

Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Police riots in the US
Human well-being & non-specific climate change
Economy, Politics & Industry
Pests, viruses and bacterial infections
Heat waves, forest fires and tree loss
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2020.07.06 17:45 Dave37 Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Hi /LateStageCapitalism, I have for over 4 years collected studies and news articles that points to “[Signs of collapse]” of our current global market economy/society. Before I go on, let me first describe what I mean and how I use the term "sign of collapse". Because it's virtually impossible to point to definitive proof that our society is collapsing under the pressure of the market economy and since any one single event can't be justified proof, I've taken to collect a lot of indicators that we're in fact in the later stages of capitalism.
A "sign of collapse" is therefore a negative market externality that the current socioeconomic system for whatever reason hasn’t dealt with and is now ending up hurting people or the ecosystem. The idea is that when the amount, frequency and magnitude of these increases, they will start to destabilize the system.
I try my best to not make this series into a rant about every little problem or mishap that’s going on. Even in a sustainable society accidents would happen and natural catastrophes would occur, seasons would vary in intensity from year to year and so on. I try to pick studies and news that shows the occurring consequences of the current system’s failure to deal with externalities. I'm trying to avoid prognoses and instead only talk about what's happens right now, as it's easy to discard things that might not even occur.
I’m also trying to make the argument, and feel free to disagree with me and have a discussion, that “the collapse” that some people are waiting for that will apparently “wake up” people is occurring right now, and if you want to do something, you better hurry before it’s too late. And despite which path we’re on, we have to identify the problems and accept them for what they are if we wish to have any chance addressing them.
Feel free to share any of the material or repost this on other suitable subreddits. If you would like to get involved in this project, don’t hesitate to chat me up.
Previous posts:

Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Police riots in the US
Human well-being & non-specific climate change
Economy, Politics & Industry
Pests, viruses and bacterial infections
Heat waves, forest fires and tree loss
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2020.07.06 17:43 Dave37 Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Hi /TZM! I have been working on an ongoing project for over 4 years now nick-named “[Signs of collapse]”. I’m confident the world is getting worse, but despite which path we’re on, we have to identify the problems and accept them for what they are if we wish to have any chance addressing them.
I try my best to not make this series into a rant about every little problem or mishap that’s going on. Even in a sustainable society accidents would happen and natural catastrophes would occur, seasons would vary in intensity from year to year and so on. So what I present here is my best attempt at distilling out anthropogenic anomalies.
I define a “sign of collapse” as a negative market externality that the current socioeconomic system for whatever reason hasn’t dealt with and is now ending up hurting people or the ecosystem. I try to pick studies and news that shows the occurring consequences of the current system’s failure to deal with externalities.
I’m also trying to make the argument, and feel free to disagree with me and have a discussion, that “the collapse” that some people are waiting for that will apparently “wake up” people is occurring right now, and if you want to do something, you better hurry before it’s too late.
Feel free to share any of the material or repost this on other suitable subreddits. If you would like to get involved in this project, don’t hesitate to chat me up.
Previous posts:

Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Police riots in the US
Human well-being & non-specific climate change
Economy, Politics & Industry
Pests, viruses and bacterial infections
Heat waves, forest fires and tree loss
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2020.07.06 17:41 Dave37 Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Hi /Sustainability! I have been working on an ongoing project for over 4 years now nick-named “[Signs of collapse]”. Even if we strive for and dream of a sustainable world, a lot of things are becoming worse. And I think in order to reach a world that is truly sustainable, it's imperative that we fully understand where we are now and which path we are on. To progress, we have to identify the problems and accept them for what they are if we wish to have any chance addressing them.
I try my best to not make this series into a rant about every little problem or mishap that’s going on. Even in a sustainable society accidents would happen and natural catastrophes would occur, seasons would vary in intensity from year to year and so on. So what I present here is my best attempt at distilling out anthropogenic anomalies.
I define a “sign of collapse” as a negative market externality that the current socioeconomic system for whatever reason hasn’t dealt with and is now ending up hurting people or the ecosystem. I try to pick studies and news that shows the occurring consequences of the current system’s failure to deal with externalities.
I’m also trying to make the argument, and feel free to disagree with me and have a discussion, that urgent action is needed now and there's close to no upper limit to how radically environmentalist one can reasonably become at the present time. If you want to do something, you better hurry before it’s too late.
Feel free to share any of the material or repost this on other suitable subreddits. If you would like to get involved in this project, don’t hesitate to chat me up.
Previous posts:

Signs of Collapse 2020 Q2

Police riots in the US
Human well-being & non-specific climate change
Economy, Politics & Industry
Pests, viruses and bacterial infections
Heat waves, forest fires and tree loss
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2020.07.05 20:18 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of letters D-F in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters D-F of Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
d’abo, Henri & Tatiana: John Henry Erland d’Abo is the grandson of the 9th Duke of Rutland (more info on what these titles all mean can be found here: Tatjana is his wife. Henry is the chairman of Wilton Payments Ltd, a private company that helps with financial intermediation. He and Christopher O’Neill are the primary shareholders of the company. O’Neill is Tatjana’s half-brother, a British-American financier, and husband to Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, a daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.
d’abo, Mrs. Jennifer: British entrepreneur who passed away in 2003. d’Abo was once married to Peter Cadbury from the family of the famous chocolate company. Peter did not work for the company, but he and Jennifer d’Abo had a son together. Their son, Joel Cadbury, became owner of the Groucho Club, a watering hole often frequented by famous people. Three years after Cadbury sold the club, their website became the center of a child pornography scandal (link to story:
D’Alessie, Carman: This name turned up no results, however, we can safely assume that this is actually Carmen D’Alessio, the international nightlife guru who helped spawn Studio 54 and other famous clubs. She is a party legend with countless celebrity ties.
d’Arenberg, Prince Pierre: Family lineage can be traced back 1000 years. European royalty. Extremely wealthy not because of his ties to nobility, but because his mother, Margaret Bedford, was an heiress to Standard Oil (Exxon).
d’Uzes, Jacques De crussol: The 17th Duke of Uzes. Not much else found on him. Margaret Bedford married into his family shortly after her divorce with Prince Charles Auguste Armand d’Arenberg, father of Prince Pierre d’Arenberg.
Dabbagh, Amr A.: A wealthy businessman/investor from Saudi Arabia. Dabbagh recently faced corruption charges but settled with the Saudi Arabian government. Has ties all around the world, as he is a member of and/or serves/served on the boards of the World Economic Forum, London Business School, Cleveland Clinic, Jeddah Economic Forum, Harvard Institute for Social and Economic Policy in the Middle East, etc.
Dahl, Sophie: ‘90s-’00s model-turned-author and maternal granddaughter of famous author Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, etc.) Dahl has been seen in photos with Ghislaine Maxwell.
Darrin, Drake: Not much information found. Darrin runs an investment group out of Greenwich, Connecticut. Lived about a mile away from Epstein in NYC.
Dartmouth, William: The 10th Earl of Dartmouth. Member of the European Parliament from 2009-2019. Became a stepbrother of Princess Diana when his mother embarked on a 2nd marriage with Diana’s father, John Spencer.
Davies, Jeff: Most likely refers to the current CFO for Legal & General Group. Davies was once a senior partner at Ernst & Young.
Davies, David & Linda: Sir David Davies is a wealthy banker and businessman with deep connections. A family friend introduced him to David Rockefeller back in the ‘60s, which helped him get his start. Linda, daughter of a Chinese-Malaysian tycoon, is his second wife. They were married for over 20 years but are now divorced.
Davis, Michael: A current partner at N3 Media, Davis has had many jobs. He started out working at CAA, one of the top agencies in the world. Check out this list of celebrities and athletes that they represent ( Davis then went on to produce movies and TV shows before transitioning to digital media.
Day, Nick and Heather: Not much to be found on these two. There are several articles that speak of their ranch in Kenya. Apparently, it is a fairly popular spot where people stay to get some rest and solitude.
de Andrade, Marcelo: An international banker (not the serial killer) who lives within one mile of Epstein’s mansion in NYC. de Andrade was married to Lisa Bjornson, a successful banker and higher-up at J.P. Morgan Securities back in the ‘90s.
de Baecque, Patrick: de Baecque has his hands in online news media ( in France. de Baecque was named Director of Sales and Operations at Dolead in 2017. Dolead is a company that is involved with online marketing.
de Cabrol, Milly: A high-end interior designer based out of NYC.
De Cadenet, Alen: Alain de Cadenet is one of Epstein’s many Formula One contacts. Someone here probably knows more about de Cadenet, but he used to be a racecar driver and now works for ESPN and the Speed Channel as a host.
de Clermont-Tonnerre, Hermine: A French princess who used to have a penchant for partying. The only daughter of Charles Henri, 11th Duke of Clermont-Tonnerre, Hermine was one of 500 guests invited to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s 100th birthday back in 2000. Hermine got in a motorcycle crash a month ago that put her in a coma.
De Georgiou, Anouska: A former British Playboy model who claims that Epstein groomed and raped her as a teenager when she met him in the 1990s. Her experience with Epstein is detailed in this article ( She speaks about how Epstein was able to lure her into the life as a young girl.
De Soto, Fernando: Very difficult to pinpoint. Best guess is that this is the Head of Real Estate at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Madrid, Spain. I could be wrong, but this is the one that made the most sense.
Dedieu, Jean & Paulette: Nothing found.
Del Bono, Luca: Co-founder of Quintessentially Group, a hospitality group that specializes in leisure, travel, and tourism.
Dell, Adam: Brother of Michael Dell (Founder of Dell Technologies and 27th ranked richest person in the world in Forbes’s BS rankings that discount the elite families). Adam is a venture capitalist who has a baby with Padma Lakshmi.
Deluca Dina & Fouard Chartuuni: Fouad Chartouni is the president of Kensico Properties, a real-estate holding company in New York. Chartouni and his brother own the Lowell Hotel in New York. The Lowell is a high-end 5 star hotel that caters largely to film executives, fashion design CEOs, publishing CEOs, and financial CEOs. Madonna lived there for nearly a year after breaking up with Sean Penn. Dina Deluca is Chartouni’s wife. She used to work as an assistant in film and television, but now focuses on her DDC28 brand of bath and beauty products.
Derby Earl / Cntess Cass & Ted: Edward Stanley (known informally as Teddy) is the 19th Earl of Derby. Caroline Stanley is Ted’s wife. She was a socialite during the ‘90s and is the daughter of Robin Neville, the 10th Baron Braybrooke.
Derby, Ros & Jonathan: No info found.
Di Vita, Charlotte: Best known for her handcrafted teapots, di Vita started off as a volunteer who helped raise funds to help poor people, most notably in Kenya, Thailand, and Brazil. She helped locals grow food and even helped build 3 schools (37 teachers, 1100 students) through a charity, Trade plus Aid, in Bawku, Ghana, in 1995.
Dickenson, Debbie: Supermodel and actress. Sister of the more famous Janice Dickinson.
Dickinson, Janice: One of the most successful models of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Dickinson has been occasionally labeled as the first ever supermodel. Opened her own modeling agency in 2005. Ironically, she accused Bill Cosby of raping her back in 1982 and wrote about it in her memoir. When called to the stand during Cosby’s trial, Cosby’s lawyer pointed out the differences between Dickinson’s testimony and her account of the incident in her memoir. Dickinson said that her accusations of Cosby raping her while under oath were the absolute truth, while she took “poetic license” with some of the details in her memoir.
Dietrich Marc Antoine and Cath: Baron Marc-Antoine de Dietrich is a businessman. He resigned as director of Vossloh Cogifer in 2011.
Dietrich, Paul & Laura: Paul is Chief Investment Officer of Fairfax Global Markets LLC. They manage investments for private investors, retirement funds, and private institutions.
Dimbelby, Johnathan: Jonathan Dimbleby is a famous British reporter, political radio and television show host, and author.
Diniz, Pedro: Former Formula One driver and businessman. Now runs a large scale organic farm in Brazil.
Dixon, Alexandra: No info found.
Djerassi, Dale: Film producer and private investor who was married to Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister, Isabel, from 1984-1989.
Dolbey, Alex & Suzie: Suzie Dolbey (nee Murray-Philipson) is the daughter of the recently deceased Robin Murray-Philipson, who was the descendant of the Viscounts Elibank. Alex Dolbey has been the director of several management and investment companies.
Donne, Alegra: Couldn’t find much except a bunch of pictures of her hobnobbing at fancy parties. Actual name is Maria Allegra Donn.
Dori: Dori Cooperman is a socialite blogger who is friends with Alex von Furstenberg, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, among others. Daughter of Edwin Cooperman, former Chairman of Travelers Bank Group. Used to work for the famous publicist, Lizzie Grubman, who has represented Jay-Z, Britney Spears, and the Backstreet Boys. Cooperman is known for getting into trouble due to issues with drugs and alcohol.
Dorrit: Dorrit Moussaieff is an Israeli jewellery designer, editor, and businesswoman who married into royalty. Dorrit was the First Lady of Iceland from 2003-2016 after marrying President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson in 2000. Although Moussaieff claims that Epstein only had her phone number because they “lived on the same street in London sometime between 1978 and 1983,” the Daily Mail published a picture of her and her husband, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, with Ghislaine Maxwell.
Doss, David & Christy Prunier: David Doss has worked as producer and/or executive producer on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Oprah in Africa, Primetime (with Diane Sawyer), Anderson Cooper 360, and Live PD. Doss now serves as senior VP of news programming for Al Jazeera America. Christy Prunier is a former Hollywood exec and founder of the Willa brand of beauty products.
Douglas, Diandra: Actor Michael Douglas’s first wife.
Dr. Eli Wiesel: Most likely Elie Wiesel, the famous Holocaust survivor and Jewish author of Night**. Wiesel was accused of sexual assault in 2017 (source:**
Drax, Jeremy: Founder of Parham Holdings, a London property operation.
Dreesmann, Bernard: Executive Chairman of Morleys department stores in London.
Driver, Minnie: Famous movie and television actress.
Dubb, Anthony V.: Dub is an investment banker and founder of Indigo Capital, LLC.
Dubbens, Peter: Peter Dubens is a British Internet entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Oakley Capital.
Dubin, Glen: Glenn Dubin is a billionaire hedge fund manager. There is a great article detailing Dubin and his wife’s relationship with Epstein here: Summary of the article: Dubin was the first one accused by Epstein victim Virginia Guiffre. Rinaldo Rizzo, Dubin’s chef, testified that sexual activities occurred between Dubin and a 15-year-old girl, which led to him and his wife quitting as Epstein’s chefs. Dubin’s wife, Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, dated Epstein for a long time before she married Dubin. The couple was so close with Epstein that even after Epstein was convicted in 2008 and officially a registered sex offender, they invited him to Thanksgiving dinner and wrote a letter to his probation officer that they trusted him around their children, who were all minors at the time. Multiple sources say Epstein was actually their children’s Godfather, but a spokesman for the couple denies it. Glen Dubin and Epstein helped each other with their business ties, as well. Dubin also had other ties with Epstein (personal friends with Les Wexner and others). Dubin and his wife are definitely major players in the Epstein saga.
Dubin, Louis & Tiffany: Louis Dubin is a real estate developer specializing in upper-middle class condominiums. Has sold luxury condominiums to the likes of Charles Bronfman, who has ties to the Clintons, Wexner, and whose family were in the NXIUM cult. Tiffany Dubin is the stepdaughter of the now deceased billionaire, A. Alfred Taubman, the owner of Sotheby’s, a famous auction house in NYC that often hosts parties for the rich and famous.
Dubin, Peter: Epstein is/was a moron. This is the same Peter Dubens listed just above.
Duchess of York: Former wife of Prince Andrew. Mother of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie. God knows the stories she could tell. Rumor has it her toes still look like prunes to this day.
Ducrey-Giordano, Francisco: Likely the owner of General Vegetables out of Italy. No further info found.
Duesing, Paul: An interior architectural designer who has worked on luxury and personal resorts all around the world. Duesing claims Epstein tried to hire him to work on Epstein’s home on Epstein’s private island back in 2002, but Duesing declined because he didn’t like Epstein. Says he doesn’t even know how Epstein got his number in the first place. Perhaps it was Duesing’s ties with the royal family. He tells stories of getting the Queen Mother drunk, being close with Lord and Lady Lloyd, working on the home of Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi, Princess Diana’s boyfriend who died in the car crash with her.
Duke of York: Prince Andrew, the toe-sucking pedophile (allegedly), himself. Photographed with victims, Epstein, and Maxwell many times over. His reputation has been completely crushed.
Dunbar Johnson Miranda & Steph: Stephen Dunbar-Johnson is the president, International of the New York Times Company. He oversees the strategic development of the Times Company’s international businesses. He also spent 12 years working at The Financial Times. Miranda Dunbar-Johnson is Stephen’s wife. She serves on The Paris Committee, which “plays a crucial role in increasing Human Rights Watch’s visibility in France.” David de Rothschild is on the honorary committee.
Dunne, Griffin: An actor, producer, and director best known for his role as Jack in An American Werewolf in London (1981).
Dunne, Philip & Dominice: Philip Dunne is a Conservative Party politician who has been a Member of Parliament since 2005. Domenica is his wife.
Duong, Anh: An artist, actress, and model best known for her self-portraits and her portraits of art collectors and influencers. As a model, Duong has worked for Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Karl Lagerfield, Moschino, Yohji Yamamoto, and others.
Durso Luigi: Luigi d’Urso was a noble and Italian railroad executive who died in 2006. His grandfather was the 9th Duke di Cassano. His mother was the great-granddaughter of George Clymer, one of the founding fathers of the U.S. and signee of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. d’Urso was also married to French designer and model Ines de la Fressange.
Duthie, John & Charlotte: John is primarily a television director based out of London. Duthie also won some poker tournaments against some of the world’s best players in the early 2000s. His wife, Charlotte played a big role in Sir James Goldsmith’s political career as a member of the Referendum Party back in 1997. Goldsmith received 3.5% of the vote in Putney, a constituency located in London.
Dzhabrailou, Umar: Umar Dzhabrailov is a Russian politician and advisor to Sergei Prikhodko, the current First Deputy Head of the Russian Government Office and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in Dmitry Medvedev’s Cabinet. Dzhabrailov was rumored to be romantically linked to Naomi Campbell, supermodel and one of the main suspects in Epstein’s underage sex scandal, in the early 2000s. Dzhabrailov, a supremely wealthy businessman, ran for president in 2000, garnering 0.1% of the vote as an Independent. Dzhabrailov was a partner in Russia’s Radisson Hotel along with American entrepreneur Paul Tatum. After their falling out in 1996, Tatum was shot and killed. Some think Dzhabrailov was responsible while others think he was set up.
Ecclestone, Bernie: A billionaire British business magnate and former chief executive of Formula One Group. Ecclestone has faced some minimal controversies for tax evasion, bribery, and saying that Hitler was a man who was “able to get things done.” Disgustingly enough, Ecclestone, at the age of 89, became a father to his first son, Ace, on July 1, 2020.
Eckon, Paul: Paul Ekon is an international investor and venture capitalist who allegedly fled South Africa in the mid-90s because he was being investigated for links to a gold-smuggling syndicate. Has strong ties to South Africa, including being a personal friend of former president, Thabo Mbeki.
Edsel, Lucinda: No info found.
Edwards, Andrew & Tracy: Unsure. There was an Andrew Edwards and Tracy Edwards on linkedin who have a background in finance, but it is not conclusive whether or not they are the ones listed here or if they are even married. There is also a Tracy Edwards who is a former British sailor who used to work as a Project Manager for Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and now teaches children of Internet safety and online reputation. This would be a far more interesting connection, but I cannot find anyone by the name of Andrew with a relevant relationship to her.
Ellan, Johnathan: No info found. Given his email, likely an employee of Starwood Capital Group, a private investment firm that is widely known for their luxury hotels. Starwood also specializes in real estate and energy.
Elias, Brian: A Miami Beach attorney.
Eliasch, Johan & Amanda: Johan is a Swedish billionaire businessman whose company, Gethal, was fined for alleged deforestation of the Amazon in 2008. The charges were dropped. Amanda is his ex-wife.
Elingworth, Charlie & Amanda: Charles Ellingworth is an author, businessman, and director of several real estate companies, most notably Cadogan Group, which owns most of the property in Chelsea, an affluent area in Central London.
Elizabeth: Not enough info.
Ellenbogen, Eric: An entertainment exec of Classic Media (a subsidiary of Dreamworks) and former CEO of Marvel Enterprises.
Ellingworth, Mr. & Mrs.: Charlie and Amanda listed just above.
Elliot, Ben: Current Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party in the UK and nephew of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (Prince Charles’s current wife). Elliot is also co-founder of Quintessentially Group, a hospitality group that specializes in leisure, travel, and tourism. Epstein has several ties to this group. Elliot’s spokesman has said that Elliot never met Epstein. However, Elliot has been a dinner guest of Ghislaine Maxwell in New York.
Elliott, Gail & Joe Coffey: Gail Elliott is an English fashion designer and former model. Joe Coffey is her husband and co-owner of their fashion brand, Little Joe Woman.
Ellison, Mandy & Ralph: Ralph Ellison is a pharmaceutical executive and investor. He was CEO of DOR BioPharma Inc., now known as Soligenix Inc. a company focused on treating rare diseases. Soligenix came under scrutiny two years ago when they were accused of ripping off stockholders.
Elwes, Anabel: Not much information to be found on Annabel Elwes, although it is clear that she runs in elite circles. Back in 1997, Elwes organized the Hong Kong handover party in order to aid the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. Guests included Anthony de Rothschild (eldest son of Evelyn de Rothschild); James Hewitt (former cavalry officer who revealed that he had an affair with Princess Diana while she was with Prince Charles. Possibly the biological father of Prince Harry, if rumors are to be believed); actress Isla Fisher of Wedding Crashers fame; socialite Tamara Beckwith; and Bassam Debs (listed in the Panama Papers).
Epstein, Ed: An investigative journalist and friend of Epstein. Denies any knowledge of Epstein’s penchant for underage girls.
Erba Noona: Noona Smith-Petersen is a public relations executive who has worked for Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Tod’s. She now owns her own PR firm. Noona is married to Enrico Erba, who is a client manager for Giorgio Armani.
Espirito, Santo, Manuel and Ros: Manuel Espirito Santo is likely an heiemployee of the Portuguese banking cartel, Espirito Santo, which received a major bailout in 2014.
Estlin, Jean-Marc: Jean-Marc Etlin is a banker and current partner in CVC Capital Partners, one of the world’s largest private equity and investment advisory firms.
Estrada, Juffali, Christina: Christina Estrada is a former Pirelli Calendar model and ex-wife (2001-2014) of Saudi billionaire heir and businessman, Walid Juffali. She received a £75 million settlement after their divorce.
Evans, Chris: Not the Captain America Chris Evans, but the UK television host and radio DJ. Evans has been rumored to often “flash” people at work (source: The BBC has also refused to investigate claims from an ex-Top Gear presenter that Evans “grabbed her breasts and touched himself.” When Evans was 35, he married 18-year-old pop star Billie Piper. They eventually separated and divorced years later.
Eveheart, Angie: Angie Everheart was one of the most well-known models of the 1990s. She has accused Harvey Weinstein of masturbating in front of her.
Faber, David: Due to the London area phone number listed, this is likely the former Conservative member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. His maternal grandfather, Harold Macmillan, was Prime Minister of the UK from 1957-1963. As of 2010, Faber was to become head of Summer Fields, his former prep school. Summer Fields, an exclusive all-boys prep school, has come under scrutiny in the past. Tom Parker Bowles, son of Camilla Duchess of Cornwall (Prince Charles’s wife), has claimed that Summer Fields was “a hotbed of the sorts of things that are coming out now,” according to this article ( from the Daily Mail published in 2014. Parker Bowles went on to claim that one master would join naked boys in the shower.
Faber, Sally & Brook Johnson: Charles “Brook” Johnson is a millionaire UK businessman and polo player. His wife, Sally Faber was a weather girl in the 1980s and former wife of former David Faber (listed above). They live next door to Prince Charles in Highgrove.
Faibairn, Charlotte: Charlotte Fairbairn is an author who has worked in the arts, politics, and journalism. Most importantly, she is the eldest daughter of Sir Nicholas Fairbairn (1933-1995), a Scottish politician and former legal adviser to Margaret Thatcher, who was posthumously accused of child molestation and sexual assault against an adult female. Sir Nicholas’s name was allegedly on a list of VIPs who attended parties at an underage boys brothel in the 1980s with Cyril Smith, another British government official and alleged serial sex offender. More info can be found on both here: and here:
Fairfax, The Hon Rupert: Hon. Rupert Alexander James Fairfax is the son of Thomas Brian McElvie Fairfax, 13th Lord of Fairfax of Cameron. Rupert is currently Managing Director of Fairfax Saddles, which was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2018. This is the highest business award in the UK.
Fairweather, Natasha: A well-known literary agent who was the literary editor of The Moscow Times and writereviewer for the London Times and The Economist.
Fairweather, Ms. Catherine: Former travel editor at Harper’s Bazaar and Porter. Married to photojournalist Don McCullin. McCullin co-wrote The Palestinians with Jonathan Dimbleby, another Epstein associate listed above.
Fairweather, Ambassador & Lady: Sir Patrick Fairweather is a retired British diplomat. He worked as Ambassador to Angola (1985-1987), Italy (1992-1996), and Albania (1992-1996). Lady Maria Fairweather was a linguist and professional interpreter who once helped out Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin when the official interpreter disappeared at a crucial moment just before the commencement of the G7 Summit.
Fakhre, Armado & Jasmine: Amado Fakhre is the British-Argentinian Founder and former CEO of Coral Capital, a Havana-based investment group best known for its joint venture partner in Havana’s upscale Saratoga Hotel. Fakhre was arrested for corruption and Coral Capital was forced to shut its doors in Havana. Fakhre was interrogated for 20 months in a Cuban safe house and eventually got sentenced to 5-7 years for bribery, but did not have to serve any time. No explanation has been given. Jasmine is his wife.
Fakhre, Danny & Christine: Danny Fakhre is the Chairman of Kochii Oil out of Australia. Christiane is his wife.
Fall, Meredith: No info found.
Fallah, Mrs: Likely Gina Fallah, mother of Christina Fallah. Gina’s father was Reza Fallah, an Iranian businessman and political advisor.
Fallah, Ms. Christina & Jon Robe: Christina Fallah is an interior designer and owner of Christina Fallah designs.
Falletans, Olivier de: Managing partner at Bryan, Olivier, & Co., a mid-market investment bank in Technology. Olivier comes from a family of nobility dating back to at least the 13th century.
Fanjul, Pepe: Jose “Pepe” Fanjul is a billionaire businessman involved in sugar and real estate. Vice Chairman and President of Flo-Sun. “Pepe” is a Republican. He was one of the largest contributors to George W. Bush’s campaign, is an ardent supporter of Marco Rubio, and co-hosted a large fundraiser for Donald Trump. His older brother, Alfonso Fanjul Jr., is a Democrat and was a co-chair of Bill Clinton’s Florida campaign, further proving that POLITICAL PARTISANSHIP IS A CROCK OF SHIT.
Faulkner, Terence & Cornelia: Terence Faulkner is Chairman of Leathams PLC, a London-based food distributor. Cornelia is Terence’s wife. She is Director of Leathams and a specialist decorator.
Feeley, Fiona: An interior designer at Atelier Designs.
Fekkai, Frederic: A French celebrity hairstylist.
Feldman, Andrew: Orthopaedic surgeon in New York City.
Felix, Helena: Not much to be found on Helena. She was possibly the director of an investment firm called Edenhaven Limited. Her husband, Peter, was an oral surgeon. He passed away in 2011.
Fell, David & Anne: Nothing much found here. After a lot of digging, it turns out that David Fell lives in an apartment at 1177 Avenue of the Americas, a real estate holding of Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center who (allegedly) took out insurance on the WTC just before 9/11.
Ferragamo, Leonardo & Beatrice: Leonardo is the son of Salvatore Ferragamo, the creator of Salvatore Ferragamo, S.p.A., an Italian luxury goods company specializing in shoes, leather goods, and watches.
Ferranti, Hugo: Hugo de Ferranti is an art dealer. He is also a Director for Action on Addiction, a UK-based charity for people with drug and alcohol addiction issues. Kate Middleton has served as patron of Action on Addiction since 2012.
Ferry, Brian: Bryan Ferry is a singesongwriter and the owner of Studio One recording studio in London. In the 1970s, he was the frontman for the British rock band, Roxy Music.
Fiennes, Martin: The heir apparent to the Baron Saye and Sele, a title of peerage in England. Lives in Broughton Castle. Cousin of actor Ralph Fiennes.
Fiennes, Martin: Same person.
Fiennes, Ralph: Famous actor. Cousin of Martin Fiennes. The fact that Epstein knows so many people in this family is troubling.
Fiennes, Suzzana: A British artist who works exclusively with Prince Charles. Susannah is the twin sister of Martin Fiennes and cousin of actor Ralph.
Fifer, Chuck: Not positive, but could be actor Chuck Pfeiffer, who is a close friend of Oliver Stone and was in Wall Street with Michael Douglas. However, it could be someone else. Pfeiffer didn’t have much of an acting career.
Figg, Christopher & Charlotte: Christopher Figg is a movie producer and CEO of Piccadilly Pictures. Figg is best known for producing the first 3 Hellraiser movies, Trainspotting, Dog Soldiers, Heidi, Coriolanus (directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes), We Need to Talk About Kevin, and many others. Charlotte is his wife.
Finch Charles: A failed director who became a talent agent for William Morris. Oversees a private equity finance unit called Finch Asia and is Chairman of Dean & Deluca (66 stores nationwide). Most notably, Charles Finch is known to host extravagant, A-list laden parties at Cannes, home of the world-famous film festival, pre-Oscar parties, and pre-BAFTA parties. There is an in-depth article from the Hollywood Reporter about Finch and his Cannes parties here ( Regulaoccasional guests of his Cannes parties included: Harvey Weinstein, Rush Hour director Brett Ratner (accused of sexual abuse by 6 women, including actress Olivia Munn and actress/model Natasha Henstridge), Mick Jagger, and Netflix bigwig Ted Sarandos. Finch’s pre-Oscar and pre-BAFTA parties have attracted the likes of Jeff Bezos, Robert De Niro, Sofia Coppola, Pedro Almodovar, Margot Robbie, Rashida Jones (daughter of Quincy Jones, music mogul who has been accused of nefarious sexual endeavors), Tracee Ellis Ross, and others Finch is the son of famous actor Peter Finch (A-list actor from the 1960s-1970s, best known for his role in the movie Network, for which he won an Oscar for Best Actor) and Yolande Turner (actress). A deeper look into Finch’s parties and connections would definitely prove interesting.
Finklestein, Howard: Finkelstein is a public defender in Broward County, Florida. In Florida (and some other states), public defenders are elected, not appointed.
Firyal Princess: Jerusalem-born Jordanian princess who was once married to Prince Muhammad bin Talal. Firyal was named an UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1992. Princess Firyal launched the International Hope Foundation in 1994 for the benefit of homeless and street children. Firyal holds positions with several museums (The Louvre, The Tate, MOMA, and Guggenheim), as well as positions with Columbia University, New York Public Library, United Nation Association, and International Rescue Committee.
Fisher, Dan: Given the address listed (Trump Tower), it is possible that this is a former lobbyist ( and current Special Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Visitors Office, however I am unable to confirm this information with 100% certainty.
Flick Mook: Likely Friedrich Christian Flick, known as Mick Flick. The Flick family was a billionaire coal and steel conglomerate that was accused of war crimes during the Holocaust. Flick’s grandfather financially supported the Nazi Party and used 48,000 forced laborers from the concentration camps, many of whom died due to the conditions. Grandfather Flick was found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg and served 3 years of his 7-year sentence. Mick (Mook) sold most of his holdings in the ‘80s and retired a billionaire.
Foman, Bobby & Jeanette: Robert Q. Fomon currently works as a Managing Director for Morgan Stanley. He specializes in wealth management. He used to be an Assistant Director at Bear Stearns (owned by Chase), one of the investment banks that went under as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. His father is. Robert M. Fomon, Jeanette is his wife.
D-F continued below....
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2020.07.04 14:43 Mega_whale Rishta Log part 4 - 29M

Salam everyone,
Sorry for the delay in posting, someone of you sweet people even messaged me encouraging me to post! It means a lot knowing people like my writing and all of you are inspiring me to carry on... it had been a busy 10 days since my last post and I have tried to make this one longer for all of you.
So to anyone new this is my 4th post about my Rishta encounters which I have named by Rishta Log. I’m a 29M living in London from a “desi” / “Asian” background for those interested. If you want to start from the beginning here’s the link to part 1;
And part 2;
And part 3;
So without further adieu;
Rishta 5: The modern Rishta. This Rishta was different, a more “modern” way of doing things. I was caught off-guard one day when my mum jumped on me as soon as I got home with a Rishta she had found on a ladies Rishta WhatsApp group! It functioned like a gumtree (Craigslist) ad for potentials. There were people looking for their sons and for their daughters. I was mildly impressed that desi mums had become so organised, she told me about a Rishta she liked (it sounded like people she would approve of namely because they hailed from Karachi the birthplace of my mum; people from this city are a little harder to come by in the UK as they have settled more in North America, they tend to have a more cosmopolitan way of life). Having come back from work I was in no mood to investigate or get into any sort of debate, so I told her to contact them and we would see what would happen. It turned out the girl’s mother picked up straight away and both mums had a good chat, there was no picture sent, but this time a reason was given; the Rishta ad was so new that the girl hadn’t been told about it yet, so she hadn’t selected a picture. Well that might be a problem I thought, thinking that this poor girl hadn’t a clue and probably had pushy parents, little did I know how wrong I was... my mum asked how they would like to proceed; if they wanted time to discuss thing with their daughter and then a date could be set for a meeting... “No no no, what’s the point in all that!”, the girls mother exclaimed. She gave us the girls number and told us to have me call her, to see if we were compatible, then me and the girl could have a meeting and if it was decided by the girl and myself that the families should meet, then we should just come over one day (I won’t lie... I was caught off guard... it was refreshing on one hand, but it was like that one weird day when you actually find biscuits in the biscuit tin instead of a sewing kit... you just can’t help feel that something isn’t right in the universe lol). After the call I discussed with my mum that this was different than usual, maybe they didn’t adhere to the cultural traditions. My mother played the “liberal” parent card again and said this was the best way and that it should always be done this way (hmmm ...well I wonder if that’s because I’m not a know parents act differently when it comes to daughters, we certainly did when it came to my sister... but then again this girl’s parents were different). So I decided to text her the next day in true Millennial fashion.
I texted her saying something along the line of “Hi, I’m so and so and I hope your mother told you, but she put an ad out for your Rishta and my mum called your mum...” basically it was a long bland blah blah blah, (it was my first one so cut me some slack... I’ve gotten better at them since), to my surprise she called me back straight away. She introduced herself and told me she wasn’t aware what her mother had done, but she didn’t want to be rude so she thought she would call anyway (I thought that this was very promising, she didn’t act like it was a big deal even though she was unaware, that’s class!) We carried on talking and it went pleasantly, more than pleasantly actually, dare I say it; we hit it off (as they say). We shared similar dreams and ideals, she felt the same way I did on a few different topics, she worked for an Arab TV station (behind the scenes) and she liked to try different foods... it was shaping up quite nicely. We even made each other laugh a few times! So it will come as no surprise that we decided to meet-up as per her mother’s idea.
So I came out of this call elated, maybe this person was the one! However, always being unnecessarily practical I couldn’t allow myself to get carried away.... but my mum and sister were a whole other story, they could tell the phone call had gone well and that was enough for them (lol), they were practically jumping up and down with excitement and were lapping up any bit of information I had on this girl (my mum at this point had practically made her daughter-in-law in her head). I only just then realised how much all of this actually meant to them, they wanted me to get married and were so happy about it (I was genuinely taken aback by their joy and felt warm and fuzzy... awww, but then they ruined it by going freaky (lol) and telling me their very detailed plan of what everyone would wear, how the function would operate, where it would be, who could and couldn’t come, what make-up artist was going to face paint them... the level of intensity was alarming, how much thought went into this topic everyday?!).
So the day of the meeting had arrived, we had decided to meet in the city centre in a coffee shop after work. I made sure to dress up well that day (my mum had begged me to take something for her, she had become pretty clingy to the idea of this girl, and I had to calm her down after the initial excitement had worn off... I mean I hadn’t actually met her yet so a gift on the first meeting was a little weird?). As I approached the coffee shop I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, after all this was the first girl I spoke to in this process which actually had promise, I did a quick shop window mirror check, held my breath... and then I opened the door....
We spotted each other immediately (I suppose we aren’t hard to miss are we, us desi people lol!). She was already sat down with a coffee, she wore simple black clothes; a jumper and trousers, her hair was curly and she hadn’t set a hairstyle and she wore simple make up (it was after work). We greeted each other and sat down, I offered her another cup of coffee but she had nearly finished her’s and wasn’t feeling another one. We sat and looked awkwardly at each other for about a minute (this seemed harder in person than on the phone), to be honest I think we were both nervous that day (and also my intuition is that she was thinking the same as I was; “this person does not look like what I imagined”, because she hadn’t seen my picture and I hadn’t seen hers!).
After the starting hurdles had been dealt with, the conversation flowed nicely. We talked about our jobs, she had an interesting one; she worked with a lot of Arabs and had a lot of Arab friends (you could see the influence it had on her style and behaviour, I’m not saying it was bad but just that it was evident)... it was all going well until we started to talk about family and lifestyle... it became quite clear very quickly that she had a completely different way of life to me... she was an only child (something hard for me to fathom being the eldest of four (with a variety of ages at that), I’ve done everything from changing nappies, going to parent evenings, secret sibling missions, to hiding their mistakes... ah the role of a big brother; parent, friend, confidant... zoo keeper?), her father had an import/export spice business, they traveled a lot as a family and she traveled a lot independently (now these things don’t bother me, but those of you who have followed me from Rishta 3 know how my mum went crazy... so thats what worried me a little, besides there is this whole thing of expectations... Allah is the one who provides and that’s what we must always remember, but some people may not adjust well to a lifestyle change even if it were for a short while...) her parents had given her a lot of freedom, as it turned out she hadn’t known about the Rishta because she hadn’t spoken to her mum for a few days, because she was staying over at a friends house (she did quickly realise how this may of sounded and exclaimed that she only had “girl friends” and the only guys she was friends with were her work colleagues who she didn’t see outside of work... I hadn’t actually said anything to her about it but she felt the need to explain...hmmm), she had recently come back from Sudan of all places! She went there for a friends wedding (not the safest country at the time might I add, mainly because there was a little civil war going on... now I’m not one to judge other counties, but when she said she traveled independently I expected girly trips to Spain or Morocco not full blown expeditions to a country with a travel advisory against it), she went on to explain how difficult it was to get the visa and how she had to bribe her way out of the country because of corrupt officials (wow! She’s not afraid of adventure I thought, it was all the stuff I loved... or more accurately the stuff I dreamed of doing, but my life (for which I am very grateful to Allah) was not quite so interesting and this did worry me!). I listened intently to all her stories; the time they went to Japan, America, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand... they travelled all over the place, stayed in the best places, went on unique excursions, they had family everywhere and it seemed like the whole lot of them were well to do...(as wonderful as it all sounded, I couldn’t help but feel the chasm grow wider... now I wasn’t shutting off to the possibility of us carrying on at this point, I just felt a bit awkward, because we went on holidays too but not this lavishly, we had to be more prudent). Now all this may paint the picture that she was some sort of rich spoilt brat, she wasn’t. She had a lovely demeanour, she was down to earth and shy at some points, she actually shut down pretty badly when she realised it may of sounded like she was showing off... I had to let her know that I really enjoyed her stories but I wasn’t as well traveled as her, but it was something I would like to do.
I found her to be a nice person and she was quite interesting, however there was one major point I wanted to clarify with her before the meeting ended and that was religion! Now I know we are all Muslims here, and personally I hate these sectarian differences we have sadly adopted, sure there are some differences in belief nowadays but people have made it too tribalistic. Saying all that however, it was still important that I clarify which “type” of muslim she was (sad I know!), but my family and I had gotten a rude awakening in this process to how much tribalism there was, just within Sunni Islam; some people had taken things to the next level by not wanting to marry anyone that was not hanafi/ maliki/ hanabali/ shaafii (Come on guys! These aren’t even sects but schools of thought!), then there was the whole Milaad vs non-milaad (don’t get me started there!), then you had the curve ball with some people being Shias (hey! I’m not judging anyone ok, I’m just pointing out the blimin’ obvious, that if everything is the same as you it just makes for a smoother process; if you guys have somehow made it work otherwise, give us all a workshop ok! And to clarify again I’m not hating on anyone!). Then after all this, sometimes you have to worry about caste (thankfully this system is dying! And may it never return!) so it’s a wonder anyone actually gets married at all!
So it turned out her family were of the same “caste” as mine but we didn’t and nor did they care about such things... the religion topic she jumped on board with... she explained that she prayed her Salah (something important to me and something I do look for), and that she followed Islam the best she could (what more can you ask of someone), she didn’t wear hijab but experimented with it now and then... and she couldn’t accept anyone that was a salafi (now I’m not going to lie I didn’t even know what a salafi was at the time, I have since come to know a lot more about the different sects and schools of thought but at the time I hadn’t a clue). She had explained that they had some salafis in their family and that these people had torn the family in two, that side didn’t speak to this side, refused to come to any gatherings religious or not, some people weren’t allowed to attend funerals and that generally they were very harsh in the way they spoke (ok! I was still thinking who these people were and what a salafi for the sake of impartiality I will provide the details of what a salafi is in a non-bias way so people don’t accuse me of besmirching them. “The Salafi movement, also called Salafiya and Salafism, is a reform branch movement within Sunni Islam that developed in Egypt in the late 19th century as a response to Western European imperialism. The name derives from advocating a return to the traditions of the salaf, the first three generations of Muslims, which they said was the uncorrupted, pure form of Islam. Theoretically, those generations include the Islamic prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his companions (the Sahabah), their successors (the Tabi‘un) and the successors of the successors (the Taba Tabi‘in). Practically, Salafis maintain that Muslims ought to rely on the Quran and Sunnah alone, ignoring the rest of Islamic hermeneutic teachings.” - Wikipedia.)
Ok so back to the story... I had to explain to her what kind of Muslims my family and I were, and for the life of me I couldn’t come up with a name or label (a good thing!)... I just awkwardly explained, “well we pray, we fast, we give charity, we aspire to go to hajj, we have gone on Umrah, we try to be good people”... I told her that I really didn’t know what label we would be but we were in my eyes normal “moderate” Muslims (another disdainful word I know lol! But, this is what moderate means to us!). She understood, but the conversation that ensued was awkward beyond belief...“yup I understand, no that’s what we need, normal people”, she said. I was like, “ yeah of course! I know moderate means different things to people but I feel we are moderate, you know we are Muslims first but we need to be engaged with this world”. She stopped and wanted to clarify, “hmm, yeah I get it but like we need to balance both our religious side with Dunya side, just some people can be too much you know?”. Feeling a bit pressured and not wanting to sound too awkward I said, “No no, I get it, deen is important to me but you know my family likes to have fun as well, we aren’t bores! We aren’t angels, like we haven’t been the best Muslims our entire lives, has anyone really? We watch tv, we go on holidays too, my mum has aunty parties.” She then said this, “yeah just like us, like I try my best and all, but sometimes I don’t eat Halal food....”
。。。 (o_o) 。。。(ಠ_ಠ) 。。。 say what?!
Ok... don’t judge me but this did not sit well with me and threw me off lol! I actually needed a minute to process what she had said, and whilst she was continuing on with a mini speech which I had stopped listening to... I had to interrupt, “um sorry, did you say you don’t always eat halal food?”. She got the picture and went into an awkward pause (like when you catch a cat doing something there not supposed to), “um yeah...” “Oh alright...”, is all I could come up with. “It’s not all the time...”, she said. As my brain tried formulate a coherent response, my mouth had other ideas and I just blurted out, “why?” (Lol!) She looked a little tripped up and said, “its only when I can’t find any halal food and I’m really hungry...” “Oh... ok... like just to let you know we always eat halal food”, I awkwardly mumbled. “Yeah I understand, I don’t do it all the time”, she tried to explain. “No no I’m not judging you... I still think your a lovely person, but you shouldn’t do that, but you know that, so please don’t mind me saying that...”, I could see the regret on her face,(she was probably thinking that she shouldn’t of shared this information, and to be honest I was thinking the same thing lol!) I was now desperate to change topics!
[note - for my international friends... I’m London, UK based... I know a lot of you have different cultures and things are different in other countries, so I will clarify that it’s odd to find Muslims (at least for me it is) that don’t eat halal food in London or the UK, because it’s readily available. It may not be the same elsewhere and some of you may be wondering why I was caught off guard. Also for my non-desi friends, most desi people do not distinguish between zabiha and halal, so halal = zabiha.]
After what was a rather large speed bump, we moved on ( I thought I shouldn’t be judgemental and that everyone is on their own journey, no bodies perfect and she will obviously address this and I thought I was over it...or at least it seemed to me at the time...) Overall we decided that the meeting went positively and we should meet again with the families.
Once I got home I found my sister (the one that was married), somehow word had gotten to her that I had a meeting with this girl (gee I wonder how...)... I think you guys can imagine the debrief I had to give... It was as if I was a CIA agent briefing the president... they wanted to know every single detail (like the stuff they wanted to know was impossible for a normal guy lol... example; what jumper was she wearing, was it from top shop, next, primark? Lol how am I supposed to know this... proceed to show me random black jumpers so I can identify which one.... what style of makeup was she wearing? I don’t know it was makeup that’s all I know lol.... then they got all excited and giddy that she worked for an Arab TV station... then they wanted to know details of her travels...) the debrief went on forever. They were all very excited, I think for them (my mum and sisters) this was a done deal, but I still wasn’t too sure at this point. We had a good talk, a few laughs, but it’s not like we had a connection on a deeper level... plus the halal food thing was still a bit weird to me. Once my sister had calmed down she understood where I was coming from and couldn’t understand why this girl had just blurted it out... both of us understood it to be a mistake on her part... my mum wanted to hear no ill of this girl, she defended her tooth and nail (desi mama logic here). Mum told us not to bother with such “small” things and that we should be more open minded (to be honest sometimes I feel desi parents just go the opposite route of what their kids are saying just because it’s the opposite... you couldn’t get my mum to eat non-halal food in a million years, but here she was defending this girl...). After my mum relaxed, my sister and I had to explain that we weren’t ragging on this girl, it was just an odd thing to hear and that we are still going to meet her family after all.
So the day of the family meeting had arrived (it was a whole two weeks later... the first of which I was still worrying about my future imaginary children being fed haram Tesco chicken behind my back... but I was soon over this and realised I was blowing the matter out of proportion... in the meantime we had exchanged a very small amount of texts during that first week along the lines of “how was your day”, “it was good” sort of thing and then no more... to be honest I’m still not sure how much I should text someone during this process... what is halal and what is haram regarding this? I always keep it to quite formal subjects, but maybe this puts people off?). They lived on the opposite side of the city and if you have any idea about London you may understand that traffic in London can be odd at times, usually it’s ok, but there are days when it’s bad, and this was one of those days (sometimes it’s quicker to get to France than going from one end of London to the other!)... Well Allah works in mysterious ways, because even though at this point in my search I was still resisting the idea (albeit less fervently) of my sister and brother-in-law accompanying us to every Rishta, it played to our favour that my brother-in-law loves to drive and he wizzed us over to their house in record time through a mix of backroads and law breaking (lol). This time my mum didn’t have such a big meltdown once she saw their posh house and car, rather than going into a panic she instead went into a mini depression... it took us about 15 minutes to snap her out of it (managing the parents can be a full time job!)... we had to remind her that everyone has different circumstances in life and it is what it is.
Once inside we were greeted by the whole family (mum, dad and the girl) and were sat down in the kitchen lounge area on their dining table. The girl was acting aloof at this point and was not interacting with me much, we exchanged hellos and had a brief catch-up, but she was talking to my sister mostly. The mum was a little chaotic and was somewhat of a chatterbox, she started a conversation with my mum about life in general and I could hear the conversation jumping topics very frequently. The father was asking my brother-in-law and myself some general questions about jobs and life, but soon lost interest... it was at this point their oddness started to show....
The father quickly changed topics to his pet subject which he was very passionate about (...suspense...), the topic was; the route we took to get there! (I’m not joking lol) Oh, how he quizzed us in detail of how we drove over there (at first I thought it was a ploy or a clever trick in order to get us to divulge information we would normally guard, but alas it wasn’t the case)... as my brother-in-law drove us he did most of the talking, they discussed the backroads, main roads, motorways, the speed cameras... the dad was very impressed by the route and the time it took us to get over. Once he was satisfied, he had nothing much else to say, so he went over to the lounge area and relaxed on the sofa with a newspaper away from the rest of us, leaving my brother-in-law and I quite bewildered to what had just occurred. After a while I even tried to bring the dad back into the conversation by asking him questions, but he just kind of answered them half heartedly from behind his newspaper (I don’t think he was being rude, because he peppered enough “beta”s (endearing term meaning son/daughtechild when addressing someone younger than you) into the conversation to seem sweet enough....just wasn’t that bothered I suppose).
The mum and girl by this time realised that maybe they should offer some tea and refreshments to their guests, but then came to the realisation that they hadn’t prepared any food and didn’t have anything to hand (I did feel sorry for them, they had no way to hide this as they plonked us down in the middle of the kitchen... this is why first time guests should always be put in the living/sitting room away from the backstage drama lol).. they both fumbled around the kitchen whilst we all looked on awkwardly and the dad was still reading in the corner at this point. The mum had managed to find some frozen samosas in the back of the freezer and the girl hurriedly arranged a mix match of biscuits on a plate.... after some time has passed they came back to the table with tea, biscuits and burnt samosas... (my mum and sister offered to help during this fiasco and obviously they refused, but honestly what could we of done, help them scrounge around their own kitchen searching for food? We did the only thing good guests do and that is refuse their hospitality, but they did the obligatory host thing of refusing our refusal... the Muslim guest-host relationship lol)...the truth then came out with the mum exclaiming that she didn’t know how to cook and neither did the girl, and whatever cooking did take place was done by the father (now I find it odd when people say they don’t know how to cook, I personally find it therapeutic so I can never understand people’s aversion to it)... the father then chimed in to say he did all the grocery shopping as well but had been busy with his work and hadn’t gotten round to it.
My mum being a mainstream desi mum was clearly shocked and appalled by this (lol), but she hid it well. The conversation quickly turned into them explaining how they usually just ate out a lot and rarely ate together except for some Sunday meals the dad would cook... you could see the girls embarrassment grow (poor thing was going red in the ears, but that didn’t stop the mother from carrying on).. the mother carried on proclaiming that they all ate separately because they were all usually doing their own thing and just ordered what they liked...the mother of the girl then insisted we all go out for dinner at that very moment, this was partially instigated by my family as they tried to explain we liked to eat out as well (however we did it out of solidarity and not because we did regularly)... the mother became quite insistent on this and when my family politely declined she set her attention upon me trying to get me to agree, the girl literally had to calm her mother down by telling her to stop (remember the mother had a chaotic energy about her, a little hyper!).
The next weird thing to happen was the mother of the girl found out that I worked in the healthcare field and decided I was the right person to help her deal with a complaint she had against her local hospital (lol)... she pulled out a pile of letters from her kitchen drawer and started to explain in great detail about her personal issue and how she was unhappy with the hospital... she insisted I read the letters and I had to as not to seem impolite... my mum and sister were trying to have conversation with the girl at this point but she was clearly distracted by what her mother was doing.. the mother then begins to have a dig at the dad basically saying she didn’t want to go down the route that he was advising (which was the correct route of actually making a formal complaint) and instead wanted to take legal action (at this point my personality flaws gave way I’m afraid and I couldn’t keep up the mask any longer and became quite “professional” in my responses to her like if I was dealing with a patient in a hospital... I was so tired, because chaotic energy drains me and I just can’t keep up with it as it makes me feel overwhelmed... I was thinking when did this Rishta meeting turn into me providing legal counsel lol). The mum was not happy that I agreed with the dad, who was celebrating his victory through some chuffed snorts from behind his newspaper (still there lol!)... the mother insisted I look through it all again, but the girl at this point decided this was enough and had to physically pull her mother back and take the letters away... oh the embarrassment! (I did sympathise with her, because we have all been there... desi children have to wear several hats one of them being parental manager.)
My family and I were exchanging knowing glances all thinking that maybe it’s time we leave, but the girl started talking to me at this point and I couldn’t be rude. We made some small conversation and I reassured her that everything went well (even though it was weird, but hey every family is different and at least they aren’t boring!)... I don’t know how but we got to the topic of when we would like to get married, and this is where we hit a snag. “I’m not in a rush to be honest”, she said. “I get it, I’m sure it will take a few months to a year realistically anyway for all of us to get this sorted it out”, I thought we were on the same page. “Hmmm, I don’t want to say when..”, she clearly wasn’t on the same page. The mum now starts saying that they don’t mind us just talking, and starts to say things like “what’s the rush”, “your both still young”, “take your time”....hmmm this wasn’t what I had in mind. My mum had to interrupt and tell them that we were looking to have the marriage finalised within a year at maximum from the point of Rishta, because we weren’t getting any younger (something I did agree with). The girl and her mum were taken aback but were polite about it all. I suppose this is the point I knew it would not really work out...
Before we left the girls mother explained that they were all due to go on an extended trip to Karachi in about a weeks time and they wouldn’t be back for about 3 months (the joys of a privileged lifestyle I suppose)... so it was confirmed that they would consult their extended family and get back to us upon their return... we obviously did not hear back from them and this Rishta ended differently as it had started.
I still do think of this girl sometimes and wonder what she may be up to (not in a romantic way. Astaghfirula ! (Lol)), but something I didn’t tell my family was that she was in fact older than me by 2 years... I didn’t mind so much because I felt we had similarities, but why was she not in a “rush”? Maybe because she feared her life wasn’t going to be better than it was at the time, I’m not one to judge and I don’t think bad of her. I wish her well!
So that’s all folks, I will post more soon!
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2020.06.30 01:29 jst4reddit The South China Sea disputes reeks of WWII Appeasement

The South China Sea disputes reeks of WWII Appeasement
edit: This blew up in a way I didn't expect, so I'd just wanna point out that I am by no means unbiased. I provided as many sources as possible so that anyone can verify the statements for themselves, even if this means making to your own conclusions. Also, need to point out the PCA is not a court, but rather a tribunal of arbitration. This is an important distinction because a the former litigates and the latter arbitrates. Take care everyone.
Monyets I bring to you an issue all of us know but none of us really talk about because of it's complexities, but mainly because it's boring as shit. I was talking with my friend when I realized she was woefully misinformed about the South China Sea dispute, and that's when I realized we need a more ELI5 way to present the facts.
I am no political science major but I would love to be corrected because this is the one of the real topics we should be talking about since China has been amp-ing up their aggression with their bullshit 9 Dash Line claims. I will be providing as much sources as I can, and trying to explain this with as much colorful language as possible for entertainment. A detailed analysis will follow below.
So, while all this House of Cards political showdown in Malaysia is great and all, this is an equally important issue that all Malaysians should know.
TLDR: China is doing some crazy shit and what's happening right now in the South China Sea is eerily similar to how Germany was appeased during World War II.
The South China Sea dispute in a nutshell
The Claims
Just watch this video. Basically, China made huge claims to the South China Sea and the islands within, on some random and ancient historical grounds. These islands are important because of the United Nations Conventions for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) which gives countries 200 nautical miles of territory the right to do fun stuff like fish, mine oil and charge overpriced water activities for tourists.
The UN then basically told China to fuck off with their bullshit in 2016, when some international high court tribunal you've never heard of before (Permanent Court of Arbitration) ruled against China. This is important as the court consists of many members, Malaysia being one of them. China of course noped out from agreeing with it, and instead built man made islands and voila here we are today.
So why the US gotta keep sailing round the South China Sea
So if the UN ruled against China, problem solved right? Wrong, because how a country gets territory is whether it can exert its power on the territory (Declarative theory of statehood). Might makes right), and it's also the case with a country's borders. Only if a country willingly gives up power over a territory, can that territory be recognized as it's own. Now if that sounds really unfair and fucked up, well tough shit.
Basically, it's kind of like if you go out dating and your house is empty, if I can go in and replace your locks with my own, poof your bed is mine now. The US is kind of like the polis. They see me climbing your gate, but because they damn lazy to chase after me and do paperwork, they ronda-ronda around so I will think twice about stealing your sweet sweet bed. (This is probably a bad comparison)
So the US sails the disputed South China Seas on purpose, as a middle finger to China's power and thus 'legal' claim over the area. A lot of people here seem to dislike the US for one reason or another, even though they are the only power helping ASEAN stand in China's way of claiming South China Sea.
The Chinese Dream
It's getting very important that we start to pay attention because Covid-19 is a damned bitch and has wrecked the world's economy and will continue to do so. China might be struggling with the rest of Asia, but they are well positioned to recover first. This is important, because then poorer countries like us that need economic recovery assistance will end up like Africa or Mongolia and fall into their kanina debt politics which will influence us, with their appetite for for their "Chinese Dream".
So around 2013, Xi Jinping started coining the phrase 'Chinese Dream'. It's really just a cool way propaganda to combine socialism and capitalism, daring the young to dream and contribute to the glory of China. Its kinda like the American Dream, which itself was born out of shit like Manifest Destiny, but in reverse.
So like Wolf of Wall Street, Chinese money began to look for shit to buy into, and projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was born. China was like some angel from the heavens, making it rain money from the sky, blessing poor countries alike. Highways, railways, ports, cities, you name it and China will build it for you. Before they knew it they were heavily indebt and owing China lots of cash for shit they don't even need. Yes, in some cases they lose more than they hope to gain, but when you lend out money like a loan shark, sometimes getting your money back isn't even that big a deal. Kinda reminds you of KLIA, Sepang & KLCC huh?
Fuck Get to The Point
This kind of money makes countries damn scared to say anything bad about China because fuck it, who doesn't want to get paid? In Philippine's case, they didn't even say much at all. Imagine yeah, the guy who said shoot all the drug dealers now wants to avoid conflict despite having the most advanced army as their ally as well as the legal standing. He has even rejected joint training exercises with the US, and even allowed the same company that built the man-made islands that gave so much trouble a contract in the Philippines. This is an ASEAN country at the edge of the South China Sea disputes, with people even crying out that Duterte lacks balls and he can still be so relatively ambivalent to this kind of behavior.
If you don't know history, World War 2 (WW2) happened for a lot of reasons, but a lot of people point to appeasement being one of them. Basically, they had all this shit in the peace treaty from WW1 to avoid WW2 from happening. But Germany slowly kept testing the limits, and because everyone wanted to avoid conflict, they just kept giving in and giving in, and giving in, and giving in until it was too late. I don't know about you guys, but this same exact shit is happening once again, though yes, China is being very smart and subtle about it.
China is building shit all over the world secretly and non secretly and even conducting espionage. The only nation to actually take a stand against this kind of practice is ironically Trump's US, who initiated the trade war with tariff's on the Chinese economy. Whether this did more to harm the US (most likely) is not the point, but the fact is this makes US the only nation to actually fight back against China. Even the latest national security bill in Hong Kong has done nothing but drawn "strong condemnation" from everyone but the UK and the US. (Whether condemnation is an effective tool is debatable)
In Summation
So obviously, the US is not doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. Like any large power they understand the importance of the logistical routes that run through the South China Sea and more importantly the disadvantages of losing control over such strategically important territory. Given that they are embroiled in a trade war with China, one of the strategies they can employ is to put more pressure on China's sea aggression. ASEAN is the smaller power between the two, and while it would be strategic to let the two superpowers duke it out, there has never been a better time for ASEAN to come together and stand firm.
I don't believe conflict is inevitable, but with the strength China is showing and Philippines being the first ASEAN nation to so willingly cede control of its sea, it's definitely on the table. I made this post so that more Malaysians can be aware of the increasingly aggressive actions China is taking, as well as their less aggressive ones such as practicing debt trap diplomacy. While nations are perhaps not as coy as I made them seem to be, they definitely perhaps underestimate the long term effectiveness of having develop both stronger footholds in the South China Sea as well as the development of the RBI. I can only hope that a simplified outlook will encourage more Malaysians to talk about this issue that is currently affecting our neighbors, but if left unchecked will definitely end up on our very shores.
A Deeper Perspective
This post started after watching a video u/stormy001 posted, regarding US Naval Posture and the overall level of Maritime Security in Southeast Asia. It's long, dry and winded, but I manage to summarize what I think is some of their key points.
A Summary of Sorts
2010-2020 is a decade of concern as US Naval power decreases relative to China's vast and ever increasing improvement. China is seen as desiring to cut US from their Asian allies in order to gain control of the sea trade routes. This goes hand in hand with the RBI, as China gains access to the Eurasian landmass, forging military relationships that they hope will blossom into strategic benefits into the coming years. The panel believed that the South China Sea (SCS) is core to this strategy, as they can ensure a constant logistic chain to supply efforts in the RBI and shore up their flanks once enough control in SCS is ceded.
For Vietnam, realities came into play after the 2014 incident when they had a 1 month stand off over a Chinese oil rig that came into Vietnam's territory. While no shots were fired, there was a definite show of overwhelming force from China that forced Vietnam to rethink its once calm outlook on the SCS disputes. It is also important, as China has actively interfered with ASEAN nations attempt to explore oil and energy within this region, such as the Repsol incident in Vietnam and the more recent Malaysia standoff. Both incidents show China's boldness in a world devastated by Covid-19, a fact that's been highlighted by numerous entities.
In the event of conflict, barring a historic change in the world it's hard to foresee that a US or US led coalition of forces would engage in a land war in Asia, underpinning the need for strong Naval presence. However, only Singapore is well equipped with a modern Navy and submarines, while actually affected nations like Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia lack the Naval presence to even mitigate piracy and attacks from terrorists like Abu Sayyaf. Indonesia was another topic that was brought up, as it was seen as a strategic nexus between the Indian and Pacific Ocean (Indo Pacific Region), and they have not been immune to China's bullying.
What prevents Indonesia from fulfilling this role however is Joko's inward focus, and fires that he has to put out domestically. Despite coming up with the global maritime fulcrum, a paradigm shift in how Indonesia perceived its status on the world stage, it has largely been put aside. Effective or not, it has enabled Indonesia to focus more on their geographical shortcomings, and building the important domestic maritime infrastructure that before was never really focused on. They asserted that Indonesia should however shrug off their internal focus and to step up its presence in ASEAN policies. Here they suggested the US take a closer look at their politics, and help shape Indonesia to fill this leadership role, in perhaps even a joint-leadership capacity like Indonesia enjoys with Australia with the Bali Process. Soft support could also be encouraged in areas such as the continuance of the illegal fishing task force or the environmental protections agency.
There are of course other realities that caution against this exertion of Western influence. For one, there is an alleged 50 million dollars a year from the US pledged to fight Islamic insurgency. While this has helped Indonesia make great progress, it also has given them an incentive to protract the fight as finishing the insurgents off would also mean losing 50 million dollars a year. This affects their priorities on their maritime security challenges, influencing their strategy to be inward focusing, specifically on counter-terrorism. As a result of this inability or unwillingness to sort their internal security in order, they lapse in their maritime security, forcing Malaysia and Philippines to demand a trilateral patrol agreement of their waters. This was a largely effective move, until June of 2019, when Abu Sayyaf continued their kidnapping operations. This in turn caused Malaysia to invest more into ESSCOM (Eastern Sabah Security Command).
This all comes to naught however when the realities of military readiness from all the affected ASEAN nations come into play, arguing that it's not so much a lack of will but rather a lack of capacity which necessitates US intervention. This forces an economic battle, which in turn is about projecting a nations capability to be able to prosper in spite of the pressure China may place upon them such as in the case of Taiwan. The loss of TPP severely weakened the US presence in SCS, thus putting less incentive on them to remain in this region to uphold any sort of prosperity or peace (keep in mind this is a US perspective panel).
Final Conclusions & Some Points for Discussion
I mostly bring this up because of some red flags a few of my Chinese friends saying to me. In essence there are apparently quite a few quiet but hardcore Chinese supporters here, which honestly kind of shocked me. They said things like "finally the Chinese have a reason to be proud in the world", "there is no harm in having China exerting more political power in ASEAN" and most disconcertingly "I would welcome if China came into Malaysia".
I am legit surprised that any Malaysian would feel this way, and when pressed on why they think such things the bullshit reasons they gave were no better. "At least China won't fuck with your ability to make money or get an education", "For so long we have been regarded as second-class citizens. Why must we work harder to get on equal playing field?", "What China is doing to the Uighur's is principally the same as how we are treated."
Now I have lived in China, and 1000% living in China is bad shit. They actively ban websites, there's this eerie sense of indoctrination from the people, you suddenly feel scared speaking your mind, since they have no problem making you disappear at the drop of a hat. Could things get better? Sure. But it seems that decades of racially charged politics has created a silent minority that I found personally alarming due to the steadfastness of their beliefs. I just need to know if any of you other monyets found more people with similar perspectives, and perhaps what your thoughts are given this has a very serious implication on how we perceive the geo-political realities today.
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2020.06.29 20:11 biggreekgeek Flatten the Curve #28. COVID-19 around March 2019. Why did the pandemic start now? It's a stealth virus. New 2019 Bio-Warfare exercises. People dying last March. FBI + CDC & WHO all involved in investigation.

Up until now, the date for Covid-19 was established in December 2019. Do you remember the videos of people falling unconscious in China. They were everywhere. People took notice. And for good reason. Most people only fall unconscious after they've had too much to drink.
Yet slowly these videos are being wiped, like they never existed. Have a look on YouTube. Even on Twitter. You can still find some, but a majority of them are dead now. Why? Because they don’t want those videos hanging around, because they lead to too many questions.
Let's look at the symptoms for that mystery of hypoxia being reported without any symptoms.
Changes in mood or personality; the victim may seem confused. Loss of consciousness, including fainting or seizures. Blue or white lips, tongue, or face. Tingling in the extremities. Pupils that don’t respond normally to light. Not breathing, or not expelling air when exhaling. Hyperventilating or gasping for air. Unable to speak; a person who is truly choking may not cough.
Now COVID-19 symptoms. Most common symptoms: fever. dry cough. tiredness. Less common symptoms: aches and pains. sore throat. diarrhoea. conjunctivitis. headache. loss of taste or smell. a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes. Serious symptoms: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. chest pain or pressure. loss of speech or movement Eye problems. COVID-19 might cause eye problems such as enlarged, red blood vessels, swollen eyelids, excessive watering and increased discharge. The infection also might cause light sensitivity and irritation. These symptoms are more common in people with severe infections. You could be at risk of COVID-19 if you start to develop blue-coloured lips without any obvious cause, it's been revealed.
Yes they tell you blue lips are a result of having pneumonia with Covid-19. Yes that is possible. No doubt. But there's still one aspect of the illness that doesn't make sense, does it. A lack of smell.
What else could cause a lack of smell and the other symptoms?
Lets look at hydrogen sulfide exposure. Photophobia. Having an extreme case of sensitivity towards light coming from any form of light source; can cause headaches, nausea and other symptoms. Keratoconjunctivitis. Inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva. Convulsions. Involuntary contractions of the muscles; shaking uncontrollably. Lethargy. extreme fatigue, feeling sleepy. Insomnia. that ability of having trouble falling asleep or stay asleep in a normal cycle. Olfactory Paralysis. The loss of ability to distinguish between odours and perceive such odours. Victim may be asymptomatic (no physical symptoms are observable without running any medical tests) Observable symptoms may include: headaches, shortness of breath, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea. Lethargy. extreme fatigue, feeling sleepy. Delirium. State of confusion and the inability to function psychologically. Psychosis. It may include auditory or visual hallucinations, disorientation, paranoia, and anxiety. Poor Memory. The inability to encode, retrieve, and recall certain past or recent events. Neurobiological changes. Change in physiological functioning of the brain and can cause structural, behavioural, and personality changes. Insomnia. Ability of having trouble falling asleep or stay asleep in a normal cycle.
Wait a second here, these are looking mighty familiar with symptoms of Hydrogen Sulfide exposure resulting in Hypoxia.
Sleep problems becoming risk factor as pandemic continues.
Will coronavirus cause long-term chronic fatigue in some patients?
Now let's get into some more details.
The patient, a woman, mentioned a strange, uncomfortable tingling, like pins and needles, almost a burning sensation, that shot down one side of her neck, one shoulder, one arm, and one side of her torso. The sensation had come out of the blue after a bout with COVID-19. “She couldn’t quite predict where she was going to be feeling it,” said Serena Spudich, chief of neurological infections and global neurology at Yale University School of Medicine, who first started hearing of the strange symptoms two months ago. Spudich, who has spent most of her career, until now, studying HIV and how it affects the brain, mentioned the strange, patchy neuropathy or nerve damage, on a few webinars attended by doctors across the United States. Neuropathy normally affects the longest nerves first, so the feet and hands. People later emailed Spudich. “Someone said she had experienced exactly this; another said, ‘I have a patient that is experiencing that.’’ Others infected with COVID-19 arrived at the Yale emergency department complaining of confusion or problems concentrating. Their thinking was muddled, their “mental status” out of whack. Some arrived with severe headaches. Colleagues at other hospitals have reported strokes and seizures in the COVID-19 infected. One Detroit hospital reported a case of a 58-year-old airline worker whose CT and MRI scans showed abnormal brain lesions and a damaged thalamus. She couldn’t answer any questions beyond giving her name. There is growing evidence of neurological complications and disease in patients with COVID-19,” Spudich and colleagues wrote in a new paper published online in JAMA Neurology. Still unclear is whether the virus itself is invading the central nervous system and brain, or whether the symptoms are the consequence of inflammation in the brain caused by an immune response run amok. “The bigger concern here is, if there has been some kind of virus entry into the brain, does it have long-lasting effects?” Spudich said. “We just don’t know.” A separate article published in the same journal suggests the virus is, in fact, gaining entry to the brain.
So let's see, when you throw in exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide, suddenly the reported symptoms are making more sense, aren't they? It also provides an explanation as to why the symptoms continue in some long after testing negative, doesn’t it? Neurobiological symptoms? Really? It's starting to be easier to understand why doctors don't know what's going on, isn’t it?
Now before we keep calm and carry on, there are a couple of other oddities that you need to be aware of, and these oddities have been happening for a long time. Since around the year 2000, actually. These oddities involve scientists and researchers involved in HIV and immunology dying under mysterious circumstances. This is far too long a topic to get into today, but go ahead and look it up.
Suzanne Eaton, who went missing more than a week ago after going on a run, died of suffocation, police confirmed to the BBC. They say they are investigating the case as a criminal act. The 59-year-old molecular biologist from the world-renowned Max Planck Institute in Germany had been attending a conference on the island. She was found in a Nazi Bunker. That's almost as strange as all the HIV researchers dying in the Malaysian Airlines crash.
Odd isn't it. It's a good thing the first patients to be cured of HIV still happened in 2015 after all those deaths, isn't it?
Doctor who cured 'Berlin patient' of HIV: 'We knew we were doing something very special'.
Maybe the birdman plauge video knew something we didn't? Nah. A guy was cured of HIV. That can't be right. Bad Birdman for scaring us. Pretty soon HIV will be a distant memory, right?
Second 'cured' HIV patient goes public. Mar. 9, 2020 · The medical intervention that apparently cured both people is not widely applicable at this time, however. Oh. Ok. Moving on. This must be all that fake news we keep getting warned about. Thank God for fact checks.
Before I get this post moving forward again, I do have to bring up the certain fake news about linking HIV to this virus. HIV doctors commenting on it. The Nobel prize winner Montagnier last week told the French CNews channel: "There was manipulation around this virus ... the coronavirus of the bat, someone added sequences, in particular of HIV, the virus of AIDS ... It is not natural. It's the work of professionals, of molecular biologists ... A very meticulous work."
What Montagnier spreads is "fake news" that started in March with a manuscript posted by an Indian team on a website where scientists share ongoing analyses without waiting for expert verification, added Schwartz. "The Indian team ended up withdrawing their manuscript. My personal opinion is that these Indian researchers were in good faith at the outset in their desire to analyze the genome of the virus, and they realized their error later. But Professor Montagnier has taken up a whimsical theory," he said.
Ah, fake news. Perfect. I understand. This Nobel prize winner better get with the program, because a month later he was still sticking to his facts. Let's hope he isn't suffering from COVID-19 delusional conspiracy theory syndrome.
Now let's get back to the news that hasn't been declared fake news yet, at least until the news gets out and we have to be told it's fake.
First coronavirus case found in France in December.
Then in Italy.
Then in Spain in March 2019.
So that timeline is getting pushed back even more. It's starting to look like we can reopen the wet markets and have bat soup again! Thank God. Wuhan is off the hook. All of those Chinese scientists who were sent back home...oh. wait a minute. Suddenly it looks rather suspicious now. Before it made sense to blame China after reading about the deported scientists in Canada and the shut down at Fort Detrick in August. But clearly something is happening. It's like a game of counterespionage being played. It's much easier to lay blame when the evidence is obvious, isn't it? Or maybe the virus was leaked well ahead of time and they just found out? No way to know, so let's move on.
So the virus was found in March 2019, indicating that it was out in the wild doing it's thing, so why weren't we all getting so sick and why did it happen all at once?
Good question. Let's see what else happened at that time?
THE sudden and unexpected deaths of tourists staying at resorts in the Dominican Republic has led to speculation over their mysterious deaths. A total of 16 tourists have died after falling ill on the Caribbean island in just over a year, in a scenario many have questioned as not coincidental.
In 2018 a total of four people died. Three heart attacks and one kidney failure. There was another undetermined death in 2019 January, and then a lot of respiratory failures starting in, March 2019. In fact, around sixteen hundred tourists got sick.
They must have been ordering a ton of Corona to drink, right? Is that why the FBI and the CDC + the WHO started investigating in June?
Alright, I've already stayed that I believe this virus is coupled with the increasing levels of hydrogen sulfide outgassing on our planet, and we now know that the previous pandemic timeline is wrong, so why the Dominican Republic? How did that kick it off?
MIAMI – Slimy, stinky brown seaweed that ruins beachgoers’ vacations from Mexico to Florida may be the new normal unless Brazil halts Amazon deforestation, experts say. The culprit, called sargassum, turns clear-blue seawater a murky brown and smells like rotten eggs when it washes ashore and starts to rot. In the British Virgin Islands, the layer of seaweed is 7 feet (2meters) thick. Punta Cana, a beach in the Dominican Republic that is famous for its clear water, has turned brown. Barbados recently declared a national emergency. Mexico has called in the navy to restore the beauty of tourist hub Cancun. A study published in July by the University of South Florida in the journal Science concluded that the seaweed problem, which started in 2001 and showed peaks in 2015 and 2018, is here to stay. Satellite imagery shows blooms of sargassum form at the mouth of the Amazon. From there it spreads across the Atlantic, from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico to Africa. Scientists named it the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt (GASB). In 2015 and 2018, it stretched over nearly 5,592 miles. In June of last year, its biomass exceeded 20 million tons.
Oh. Seaweed producing hydrogen sulfide. People getting sick and dying. COVID-19 already in the wild. Whelp, maybe this is why they're so insistent on a second wave?
And do you remember all the vaping deaths? Here's a quick thought, maybe they aren’t getting reported now, cause, you know, COVID-19?
But how would that work, you ask? You can't control a virus. Actually, you can.
Stealth Viruses Stealth viruses are viral infections that enter cells and remain dormant for an extended amount of time until triggered externally to cause disease. In the context of warfare, these viruses could be spread to a large population, and activation could either be delayed or used as a threat for blackmail. Personalized Bioweapons In coming years it may be conceivable to design a pathogen that targets a specific person’s genome. This agent may spread through populations showing minimal or no symptoms, yet it would be fatal to the intended target.
That was posted in March 2013. Do you even seriously for one second think they haven't made any advances?
There is more, but it will have to come up in a later post. Look. This is serious. This is real. Viruses can be triggered by environmental toxins, like industrial pollution or natural hydrogen sulfide emissions. Is this what's happening? Is there a link between COVID-19 and our immune system, and why did it happen suddenly everywhere?
How long has it been around for and what does this mean about the environment if it is triggered by external conditions?
And does a low viral load mean that's it's hiding?
Is this why they are claiming it won't go away? Is this why the vaccine is being pushed so much? Or are we going to see the vaccine become an impossible dream?
I would lay money that Covid-19 is being used to cover up whats happening with the environment, and possibly to make it more lethal.
Oh. One last thing, once again John Hopkins was getting ready.
Last September, the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, ran a two-day wargame called Urban Outbreak 2019, in which 50 experts combatted a notional pandemic.
Something stinks about all this.
Take care. Be safe. Stay aware and be prepared. Talk soon.
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2020.06.29 07:22 RedAxle1 The Profit Motive Saves The Mining Industry!

Quotes From The London Mining Network, A Human Rights Group:
Despite the company’s claims, there are countless examples of alleged human and labour rights violations and environmental devastation perpetrated by Rio Tinto around the world and over decades. From Papua New Guinea to Namibia, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the U.S. to Madagascar, and from Cameroon to Indonesia, Rio Tinto has a long and shameful record.
In the tiny Mojave Desert town of Boron, California, Rio Tinto recently locked out 570 miners from its borates mine. Since January 31, 2010, these families have been struggling to make ends meet without a paycheque from Rio Tinto. The company took this action in retaliation for the miners’ refusal to agree to a contract that threatened to turn decent, family and community-supporting jobs into part-time, temporary or contracted jobs. Rio Tinto has brought in replacement workers to do the jobs of long-time, experienced miners, some of whom have worked at the mine and processing plant for 30 to 40 years. It is unclear if the replacement workers have the ability to produce the same quality product with the same reliability as the experienced Boron miners Rio Tinto has locked out. It seems that Rio Tinto is simply using the replacement workers to help the company starve out the locked-out families. The families of Boron have paid a heavy price for their courageous decision to stand up to Rio Tinto, a multi-billion-dollar, global bully that is used to pushing people around and getting its own way. They worry about making mortgage payments, paying for health insurance and putting food on the table. But with the support of the Boron community and of families and workers throughout California, the U.S. and the world, they are standing strong and committed to winning a fair contract at the mine in Boron.
During the years of the mine’s operations, billions of tons of toxic mine waste was generated and dumped onto the land and into pristine waters, filling major rivers with tailings, polluting a major bay dozens of miles away, and the Pacific Ocean as well.” The pollution reportedly was so extensive residents of the island were exposed to toxic chemicals that have caused death and/or illness.
The mine reportedly has caused “massive environmental destruction” in West Papua due to the dumping of waste, including toxic metals, into Indonesia’s river system. According to WALHI, a leading Indonesian environmental group, the mine has already disposed of one billion tons of tailings into the local river system, resulting in copper concentrations in local rivers that are double the Indonesian legal fresh water limit. Over the life of the project, the mine reportedly will dump up to 3.5 billion metric tons of waste, despite the fact that riverine disposal is expressly prohibited under Indonesia’s water quality control regulation.
Serious human rights violations have reportedly occurred near the Grasberg Mine and Rio Tinto and Freeport-McMoRan have been accused of complicity due to their reliance on the military and police for security at the mine. According to Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights, “in the mid-1990s the Indonesian security forces indulged in indiscriminate killings, torture and disappearances of local people in their safeguarding of the mine operations and their campaigns against West Papuan secessionists.”
In 1930s Spain, under the rule of fascist General Francisco Franco, left-wing miners who had expressed discontent with Rio Tinto’s mines by striking were called to order by Franco’s troops. At the company’s 1937 annual general meeting, Sir Auckland Geddes reported “since the mining region was occupied by General Franco’s forces, there have been no further labour problems… Miners found guilty of troublemaking are court-martialed and shot.” Under Franco’s influence, Rio Tinto also provided ore for Nazi Germany’s re-armament programme.
Thousands of local people reportedly were displaced by the mine development and many received either inadequate compensation or no compensation at all for their customary land rights. People also allegedly have lost access to the food, firewood and medicines they had relied upon from the forest, which has affected both their livelihoods and their local culture and customs. Reportedly grave sites also were destroyed in the mine’s construction.
Rio Tinto’s labour rights record at the Rössing mine has been abysmal. According to the United Nations Council for Namibia, in the 1970s uranium was being mined “by virtual slave labour under brutal conditions.” As recently as 2000 the company reportedly continued to discriminate against black workers, paying them much lower wages than white miners. The company also reportedly maintained a well-armed “private army” to handle labour or civil unrest at the mine and civilians were killed by the military, which was assisted by the mine’s security forces.
Some Quotes From MindaNews:
A consortium of environment groups in southern Philippines has expressed alarm over what they call government’s liberal policies towards large-scale mining and coal-fired power plants, and the impunity of killings and harassment of environment activists in the region.
Panalipdan Mindanao said they expect the threats against the environment and environmentalists to worsen under the current administration. "President Aquino continues to liberalize the country’s mining industry, support the construction of coal-fired power plants, and remain lax on commercial logging. His position will likely bring foreign corporations head to head with local communities over natural resources,” the group said.
“Already, 247 families have had their homes demolished due to the construction of the coal-fired power plant in Maasim, while acquisition of land in Malalag for the plant has been tainted with unfair terms to landowners,” the group claimed. Environmentalists have always said that coal-fired plants provide the dirtiest form of energy and are responsible for 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of global warming and the subsequent “natural” disasters which have beset the country.
“In the past year, six environmental activists have been killed across the country, including small-scale mining leader Santos ‘Ricky’ Manrique who was killed in Pantukan, Compostela Vally last April 2011 where US Russell Mines and Minerals, Inc. operates. The community believes Manrique’s death is attributed to his advocacy against the entry of US Russell Mines and Minerals, Inc,” the group said.
Some Quotes From The Guardian:
200ft deep pit gapes where three years ago stood a mountain. Fields where small farmers planted rice and grew fruit are now an industrial site, and wooden houses in the old village of Didipio have been abandoned – the community moved to make way for a large-scale gold mine owned by a New Zealand company. The Filipino mine, guarded by high fences and bitterly contested by the indigenous Bugkalot people who fear pollution, spills and ill-health, is just one of scores of major new gold and copper mines opened in the last few years to meet soaring world demand
The companies whose mines have attracted the most accusations of human rights abuses and environmental conflict are some of the largest in the world, mostly listed on the London stock exchange. They include AngloGold Ashanti, Rio Tinto, Barrick Gold, BHP Billiton, Glencore Xstrata and Newmont Mining.
“Across Latin America, Asia and Africa, more and more community lands, rivers and ecosystems are being despoiled and devoured by mining activities,” says Philippe Sibaud, author of two reports on the extractive industries for the Gaia Foundation. “The rights of farming and indigenous communities are increasingly ignored in the race to grab land and water. The hunger for these materials is a growing threat to the necessities for life.”
In many cases, governments have had to call on the army to defend the mining companies against aggrieved local communities who have taken up arms. “Much of the Philippines has now been militarised to defend the companies,”, says Benedictine nun Sister Stella Matutina, a community worker in Mindanao province who has been targeted by the government for opposing mining companies. In the last year she has been charged with kidnapping, human trafficking and illegal detention for opposing Canadian, Australian and British mining companies and for looking after tribal people displaced by mining.
Mining in the Philippines has exploded from only 17 operations in 1997 to nearly 50 mega-mines today. “We have found that mining divides our people, it kills them, it does not help us. It destroys our values. Mining and militarisation are twins. Where there is big mining there is always militarisation, because the government has to ensure that foreigners can invest in our country. People are resisting, are taking up arms against the entry of these mining companies.
New mines in Honduras, Peru and Chile have all provoked opposition. Thousands of troops had to be deployed and anti-mining activists were shot as anger flared around the Canadian-owned Escobal silver mine in Guatemala last year. Canadian mining companies have some of the worst records for human rights violations, according to a report submitted to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in 2013. It found Canadian companies were involved in more than 100 human rights and environmental disputes in Latin America.
“Yaigojé Apaporis became Colombia’s 55th, and third largest, national protected area in October 2009. And yet, just two days after the official announcement, a company was granted a mining title and began attempting to revoke the ‘protected area’ status. The same mining company is believed to be linked to a further 20 applications for mining exploration around Yaigojé Apaporis,” said Hildebrand.
Some Quotes From Corporate Watch:
The mining industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. In every part of the world where there are minerals – in Canada, the United States, Australia, Asia, Japan and Norway and many parts of Europe – mining companies compete to exploit natural resources for profit. Consequently, this has lead to the horrendous destruction of the Earth’s biosphere. Life support systems, such as water forests and wildlife, are destroyed everyday in the interests of these companies and their shareholders. In addition, local people’s livelihoods are destroyed in the process. Farmers, fisher folk and indigenous tribes end up being harassed, bribed and displaced. People have even been killed when they attempted to seriously oppose a mining operations in their region.
By 1996, the Philippine mining industry got back on track, allowing offshore companies to operate fully in the ‘reserved areas’ – a disaster for a number of places in the Philippines. In March 1996, the Marcopper tunnel in Marinduque collapsed. In rough estimation, 1.6 million cubic meters of mine tailings flowed from the mine pit to the Makulapnit and Boac river, trapping 4,400 people in 20 villages. The government declared the Boac river officially dead. The disaster caused massive siltation in downstream communities and coastal areas.
Quotes From A CBS News Article:
A CBS News investigation has found child labor being used in the dangerous mining of cobalt in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mineral cobalt is used in virtually all batteries in common devices, including cellphones, laptops and even electric vehicles.
The work is hard enough for an adult man, but it is unthinkable for a child. Yet tens of thousands of Congolese kids are involved in every stage of mining for cobalt. The latest research by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimates 40,000 children are working in DRC mines. A report by Amnesty International first revealed that cobalt mined by children was ending up in products from several companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Tesla and Samsung.
We asked a wide range of companies whether child-mined cobalt is being used in their products. All of the firms acknowledged problems with the supply chain, but said they require their suppliers to follow responsible sourcing guidelines. [...] But our investigation shows just how complicated it is to trace child-mined cobalt in the global supply chain. We followed the mineral as it left the mines -- piled high on every mode of transport available, including bicycles. Sacks were already mixed up -- without labels -- making it impossible to know who had mined the mineral inside.
When we offered to sell a truck load of cobalt, nobody asked us who mined the mineral, only what the quality was
CBS News spoke with eight major electronic and vehicle companies who have been connected to this supply chain, and though many have joined initiatives to solve this problem, at the mines Patta visited our team saw little evidence of anyone on the ground helping these children.
We spoke to Pact, an NGO that is working with Apple, Microsoft and Huayou. The charity described the support from these multinational companies as a "drop in the ocean," as countless companies are buying the child mined cobalt.
These Quotes Are From Equaltimes:
There are no official statistics but estimates put the number of Papuans killed by Indonesian authorities at anywhere between 100,000 and 500,000 people. Four decades of heavy restrictions on media and human rights groups’ access to West Papua has resulted in a near media blackout. Linked to all this is a United States-based mining giant, Freeport-McMoRan. Though its Phoenix, Arizona headquarters is almost 15,000 kilometres away from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, it is the country’s largest taxpayer. In 2014, Freeport contributed a massive US$1.5 billion to the Indonesian state coffers.
Freeport’s massive Grasberg mine – one of the largest open-pit mines in the world, with a minority stake held by global mining giant Rio Tinto – is essentially closed off to outside access. “I like to joke that even if Jesus Christ wanted to visit [West] Papua, I don’t think he would get a permit,” said Harsono, noting that official permission requires signatures from 18 separate ministries and security agencies – an impossible task. "Any bureaucracy that requires so many signatures to get a permit means there must be something terribly wrong in the area they want to enter.”
Just four years after its annexation, Freeport arrived, marking the beginning of a long relationship which has proved prosperous for the company, the Indonesian government and few others. Meanwhile, the people of West Papua have endured great pain and suffering.
A Quote From A Reuters Article Says:
Australia called for submissions on Thursday to an inquiry into how mining giant Rio Tinto legally blew up two sacred Aboriginal caves that showed human history stretching back at least 46,000 years.
An Artcle From The Guardian Says:
The extent of lobbying conducted by Shell and Rio Tinto in seeking legal support from the UK government to dismiss allegations of human rights abuses has been revealed in internal memorandums released by the Foreign Office. The documents, obtained by the Corporate Responsibility Coalition (Core) and Amnesty International, show the closeness of the relationship between the multinational corporations and UK government departments. They also show that UK government officials were privately worried about being seen to be promoting business interests over ethical trading principles.
The lead case, Kiobel v Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, related to the fate of anti-Shell protesters in the Ogoni region of Nigeria who were executed by Nigeria's military junta in 1995. The second case was brought by environmental activists under the US's Alien Tort Statute against Rio Tinto, claiming that residents in Bougainville, an autonomous region of Papua New Guinea, suffered from pollution linked to the company's copper and gold mine
Marilyn Croser, of Core, said: "While paying lip-service to corporate responsibility, the government was conniving with multinationals to reduce their exposure to litigation for the worst kind of abuses." Peter Frankental, economic relations programme director at Amnesty International UK, said: "In these David versus Goliath encounters, the UK has effectively shielded the interests of powerful companies at the expense of their alleged victims."
[RAID, a corporate watch group based primarily in the UK, says: [(
A group of seven Tanzanian human rights victims launched a legal claim at the British High Court against subsidiaries of Canada-based Barrick Gold, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, alleging serious abuses by security forces, including local police, employed at Barrick’s North Mara gold mine.
The North Mara gold mine, located in a remote part of northern Tanzania, has been plagued by reports of serious human rights abuses against local community members by security forces since it was acquired by Barrick in 2006
The group of claimants, who brought their case forward last Friday, reside in local communities around the mine. The group includes the father of a nine year-old girl runover and killed by a mine vehicle, driven without due care, on 19 July 2018. The young girl’s stepmother and other women who had gathered around the body, and whose claims were also issued, say they were injured when security personnel and/or the police fired on them without warning. The claimants further include a 16 year-old youth who says he was shot in the back and then beaten by the police employed by the mine, and a man who says he was seriously assaulted by the police on the mine site.
MiningWatch Canada and RAID documented 22 killings and 69 injuries at or near the mine From 2014 to 2016 alone, while a 2016 Tanzanian parliamentary inquiry received reports of 65 killed and 270 injured by police jointly responsible for mine security. From 2014 to 2017, Acacia itself acknowledged 6 deaths relating to the use of force against intruders and/or police involvement and 28 other ‘intruder fatalities’, which it attributed to ‘fall from height’, ‘infighting’, ‘drowning’, ‘rockfall’, ‘vehicle accident’, and ‘other’. RAID has sought further information on these deaths, but none has been provided. Despite widespread attention and calls for reform at the mine, the abuses have continued.
At last week’s Mining Indaba in South Africa, Barrick’s CEO Mark Bristow acknowledged that Acacia Mining, Barrick’s subsidiary which operated the North Mara mine till 2019, had been “irresponsibly-run” and “not properly managed.”
Some Quotes From MiningWatch Canada:
The Canadian mining company is embroiled in an ongoing conflict with the communities in Putaendo through its Chilean subsidiary, Vizcachitas Holding, which is undertaking exploration activities without the consent of the local populations. The company hopes to move from the exploration phase to a large open-pit copper-silver-molybdenum mine in the next few years.
“We are going to do everything possible to stop this company from building the mine on top of our river, in Putaendo,” said one of the presenters, Sara Gómez, the President of the Services of Rural Potable Water of Rinconada de Guzmanes. “For us it is very important that this river maintains the best sanitary and environmental conditions possible because it is essential for food production, and is thus a source of employment in the region.”
Putaendo Resiste also expressed concerns about how Chilean authorities and the mining company are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to advance this project. In April, the government approved the environmental licence for a new round of drilling, “virtually” and behind the backs of citizens. When citizens took to the streets to peacefully express their rejection of this process, they were repressed by special police forces and the military.
Another MiningWatch Canada Article Says:
According to text accompanying the new map, “The company is profiting in areas where surrounding communities have faced militarization, criminalization, violence, harassment, and threats. Environmental pollution has been documented at several of its mines, which affect or threaten important water supplies. Labour conflicts have also arisen along with occupational accidents.”
in 2019, Pan American Silver bought the Escobal mine in Guatemala, despite the suspension of the mine as the result of broad-based opposition and a court decision that found the state had discriminated against the Xinka indigenous people and failed to consult with them. Now, Pan American Silver is participating in a consultation process led by the Guatemalan state that has been criticized given multiple irregularities, including for discrimination and exclusion of the Xinka people
In Zacatecas, Mexico, in order to expand the La Colorada mine between 2014-2017, the local community was forcibly displaced under threat from private security guards and currently denounces living in suffocating conditions under the thumb of the company. In Chihuahua, Mexico, since which time the area around the Dolores mine was militarized and local protests over economic and environmental issues undermined, the company has largely managed to operate with few disruptions despite deepening violence in the area.
There are also concerns related to PAS’ labour record. In Peru, from 2000 to 2019, the Ministry of Energy and Mines registered 42 fatal accidents from PAS subsidiaries (18 in Quiruvilca, 19 in Huarón and 5 in Morococha). In Argentina at the Manantial Espejo mine, two young operators were killed in 2015 and another in June 2019. In Bolivia, during the latest labour dispute over the San Vicente mine, the unión declared a “state of emergency” given the lack of security equipment and deteriorating working conditions in the underground operation.
Some Quotes From This CBS News Article Say:
A CBS News investigation of child labor in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo has revealed that tens of thousands of children are growing up without a childhood today – two years after a damning Amnesty report about human rights abuses in the cobalt trade was published. The Amnesty report first revealed that cobalt mined by children was ending up in products from prominent tech companies including Apple, Microsoft, Tesla and Samsung.
According to the CDC, "chronic exposure to cobalt-containing hard metal (dust or fume) can result in a serious lung disease called 'hard metal lung disease'" – a kind of pneumoconiosis, meaning a lung disease caused by inhaling dust particles. Inhalation of cobalt particles can cause respiratory sensitization, asthma, decreased pulmonary function and shortness of breath, the CDC says. The health agency says skin contact is also a significant health concern "because dermal exposures to hard metal and cobalt salts can result in significant systemic uptake."
Despite the health risks, researchers with Amnesty International found that most cobalt miners in Congo lack basic protective equipment like face masks, work clothing and gloves. Many of the miners the organization spoke with for its 2016 report – 90 people in total who work, or worked, in the mines – complained of frequent coughing or lung problems.
"As demand for rechargeable batteries grows, companies have a responsibility to prove that they are not profiting from the misery of miners working in terrible conditions in the DRC," the organization said. "The energy solutions of the future must not be built on human rights abuses." An estimated two-thirds of children in the region of the DRC that CBS News visited recently are not in school. They're working in mines instead.
Now, I know, I know, anything bad caused by a company is actually corporatism. But, since pretty much every capitalist economy has devolved into "corporatism", wouldn’t it make sense for an organization of workers, some kind of union of labor, to coordinate production and prevent the rise of corporatism?
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2020.06.29 02:11 bobjoerock [Event] Restructure Spain's Economy

Given the last 5 year uncertainty of the Asian market and the rise of France, UK, Germany, and other Europe's economies, the current government has decided to undergo a massive rebirth of the Spanish economy which will result in massive GDP growth and decrease unemployment. The plan which will take between 8 to 10 years has been supported by all spectrum of the political parties in which they pledge to support it even if the government coalition changes. The Spanish government called FUERZA 40 which is the Spanish word for strength.
Spanish infrastructure is already very developed being ranked 10th in the world. However, there is still much work to be done. First, most of Spain's railway is a broad gauge which while makes travel with Porgual easier, makes travel with the rest of Europe much harder. This will be solved with a dual-gauge with trains of both broad and standard gauge to freely travel across Spain. This will cover around 13000km of existing railway and during this process, 6000km railway of electrified to maintain an all-electrified system. In addition, from now on all railway shall be of the standard gauge and electrified. We would also see a rise of the high-speed network to cover all provincial capitals with an estimated additional 3000km of the railway. Additionally, 6000km of the high-speed railway will upgrade to support the AVEClass 103's 300km speed. The AVE will also export its high-speed railway as one of the frontrunner of high-speed technology to other countries. In terms of ports, heavy upgrade to Valencia which is already the busiest seaport in the Mediterranean will see near a 30% increase container volume and near double in passenger traffic. Other ports such as the Algeciras, Barcelona, Las Palmas, and Bilbao will also see millions invested in them to bring them in line with the largest automation technology in order to decrease loading and unloading time. Naval Station Rota will upgrade to support up to 2 supercarriers at once in order to host both allied and Spanish own carrier groups at the same time if the need for joint exercise ever arose. The ACS group will also be building several shipyards and maintenance docks to support even the heaviest and largest cargo supports (or military vessel) given its strategic location to the strait of Gibraltar. Lastly, a proposal with Morocco shall begin to build the strait of Gibraltar tunnel crossing which will be expected to take 15 years and 25 billion dollars which allowed both tourism and trade across from Europe to Africa.
The growth of tourism has resulted in the second-largest tourist industry in the world. We hope to continue this growth. There will be various government incentives to promote local businesses to the tourism industry. We will see the rise of the various new beach resort on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean during the summer and various ski resorts in various mountain ranges during the winter. In addition, promotion for various museums, historical sites, and festivals should make Spain the most attractive tourist location in the world. The government hopes to raise to the world's largest tourist industry by the end of the 10 years given the ease of tourism and travel.
Heavy Industry:
Additional investment in both the automotive industry and the aviation industry. Two new factories for the Hurricane fighter and two factories for Airbus will expect to employ 5000 employees directly and 10 times indirectly. Also, new automotive factories will be built in response to the South Korean situation and the rise of tension in Asia. These factories will feature heavily automation and tax cuts to help encourage both domestic and foreign companies to operate in Spain. In addition, the government will heavily be investing in domestic defense companies to rebuild it as there is lots of potential in growth as the Spanish military is undergoing its rebuild which will see a slight shift in the origins of its equipment. 3 new shipyards that can support ship construction up to 120000 tons will be built.
Heavy investment into wind and solar energy will result in a less dependence on fossil fuels. Currently, Spain uses around 43% renewable electricity and hopes to rise around 80% with last 20% of nuclear energy. Spain is the perfect location for wind farms and the government plans to capitalize on this fact to double the wind production from 25000 MW to 50000 MW by the end of the plan. Mostly these power generation investments will only Spanish companies as Spanish already have the technical know-how to build but lack the political will to do so until now. The government also plans on export its surplus energy production to other countries such as France and Germany.
As agribusiness is a key export, the government will have cut tax for farmers. In addition, the government will be marketing olive oil, wine, and pork to drive up margins and raise awareness. Spain is already a net exporter of food but we hope to steadily grow the agribusiness due to the unique climate of Spain which result in some of the best wine, olive, oil, and ham. We also hope to employ nearly 100,000 people as there are several large-scale farms planned which will require large number of unskilled and skilled labor.
Brain drain and education and unemployment :
With the above projects, we will hopefully see less brain drain as there are more job options and see a massive decrease in unemployment from around 10% to 2-3% in the next 10 years. The government is also willing to invest in colleges and universities to decrease tuition and student loans. In addition, more trade schools will be opened in order to prepare for the Spanish pyramid tower. Estimated millions of jobs will be created via Spanish pyramid towers as several new cities will be created along with these projects. the Spanish government is concerned about the scale of such projects and therefore has decided to fully support this prototype city for least 10 years.
Pension and Debt restructure:
As the Spanish government has run a surplus in the last 5 years, we have managed to slowly begin to repay the debt and also negotiate several debt packages which will result in a decrease in interest rate to back to a normal 2% in order to promote courses spreading. We also will work with the various financial organization to raise our Credit Rating to at least a high medium grade(AA). We also see an increased investment in the social security reserve fund back to around 60 million euros. In addition, if they're fewer private companies that willing to upon the above plans, the government is fully willing to use the SEPI to create new companies in the state holding company/sovereign wealth fund.
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2020.06.27 18:33 onlineforsupports Aol Mail Tech Support Number (+1-833-280-5100)

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AOL Phone Number – AOL is one of the most online premium players that has provided a variety of different niche services. It started from the way of Control Video Corporation when the Internet was only in its early stages. At the time, its only product used to be a downloadable video game that could be played after downloading for one session only. Over time, many new services were also added to its line.
AOL support phone number USA – The company saw its share of ups and downs, including engagement with other companies, changes in management, mergers, divestitures, and more. But the company discontinued it, and is still one of the leading online players today. Its email service is what makes people most associated with the company. It used to be a paid service, but increased competition and their strategy to attract attention also forced AOL Inc. to change its ways of working and make its email service free.
AOL Tech support phone number USA – Despite the fact that AOL has never been a company that has welcomed the changes, it stands alone as an example that still drives many people who are relatively new to do well in their niche. Like the company, AOL Support Service is also a class addition. A service that, being perhaps the best online self-help module library, AOL offers sophistication to all its customers. This free users have the option to receive assistance through such support modules, although an AOL premium customer who maintains a paid account can also access live services.
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AOL customer support phone number USA – If you have encountered similar issues in the past, you can also check with your colleagues and friends and other close people. But then AOL is definitely not a service that will let you face such issues with their services. But if you are really stuck with something, you can use the above channels of support to fix it.
AOL customer care support phone number USA – I always recommend them to check the official AOL Help and Support page before they ask for any help as this form of support is completely free. The official AOL support page contains a list of issues that are commonly encountered by its users. A quick search should lead you to a lesson guide that provides step by step instructions on how to solve a problem on your own. The only problem with this form of technical support is that they should make you slightly familiar with technical terms.
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Online technical support is a quick and convenient way to resolve issues. When you call a technical support company, you will have many years of experience providing email support by a technical support specialist. These specialists are hired after a thorough selection process and attend mandatory training and refresher courses to ensure that they are familiar with the latest in the world of technology.
These companies use the latest remote access technology to assist you. Remote access software allows a technical support specialist to temporarily gain access to your computer so that he or she can analyze and solve the problem as if it was physically present at your location. While they are busy fixing your computer, you are free to do whatever you want.
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How to Dial Internationally All country mobile code. Barbados Dialing Code - Barbadian Country Code - Telephone Area Codes in Barbados South Africa Dialing Code - South African Country Code - Telephone Area Codes in South Africa Making International Calls : How to Call the United Kingdom From the United States How to Get a FREE International Number (US,UK,FR...) [WORKING]  2020

How to call South Africa from United Kingdom

  1. How to Dial Internationally
  2. All country mobile code.
  3. Barbados Dialing Code - Barbadian Country Code - Telephone Area Codes in Barbados
  4. South Africa Dialing Code - South African Country Code - Telephone Area Codes in South Africa
  5. Making International Calls : How to Call the United Kingdom From the United States
  6. How to Get a FREE International Number (US,UK,FR...) [WORKING] 2020

To call a phone number in South Africa from the UK, simply dial International Exit Code for the UK which is 00, followed by the international country code for South Africa which is 27, then the ... All country mobile code very important in general day to day life. To make a phone call to a telephone number in Barbados from South Africa, simply dial International Access Code for South Africa which is 9, followed by the country international code for Barbados ... You can receive free calls, SMS to USA and Canada from anywhere if you want to verify the account of websites that aren't available on your region. ... Russia / South Africa / Nigeria / Germany as ... If you're trying to call a friend or relative internationally, you'll be talking in no time with these tips. Step 1: Find country code Every country has its own country code for incoming calls. Calling the United Kingdom from the United States requires first dialing zero-one-one, followed by the country code of 44. Make a phone call to the United Kingdom with tips from a full-service ...